Yeşiltaş Konakları

Yeşiltaş Konakları PROJECT FEATURES

Yeşiltaş Mansions project is being implemented by Taşolar İnşaat in Osmangazi, one of the central districts of Bursa. The Yeşiltaş Mansions project, designed in a concept where families will be comfortable, draws attention with its spacious architecture.

Yesiltas Mansions Floor Plan

The Yeşiltaş Mansions project has a spacious design that specifically targets family life. All of the residences in the project were built with 3 rooms, 1 living room and an area of ​​184 square meters. The ceiling height of the apartments in the project is calculated as 2.95 meters.

Where is Yesiltas Mansions?

Yeşiltaş Konakları offers a new life within the framework of its high standard concept and understanding of quality. Yeşiltaş Mansions project is being implemented within the borders of Osmangazi district, one of the central locations of Bursa.

Yeşiltaş Mansions Nearby

The Yeşiltaş Mansions project, together with the natural green area of ​​the region where it is located, makes life easier with its location close to central life, universities, schools and shopping centers.

Yeşiltaş Mansions Social Facilities

In the Yeşiltaş Mansions project, social facilities such as indoor and outdoor parking and security system are offered to the use of flat owners.

Yeşiltaş Mansions Delivery Date

The apartments of the Yeşiltaş Konakları project are ready for immediate delivery.

Yedikule Konakları

Yedikule Mansions PROJECT FEATURES

Yedikule Konakları, which was built as a site that meets the standards of the era with its social equipment areas, has social facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, steam room, Turkish bath, sauna, multi-purpose sports center, cafe, as well as areas such as a gazebo, children’s playground, walking path, ornamental pool. It has been designed to provide maximum benefit to its residents, summer and winter.

Yedikule Mansions; It is 950 m from Marmaray Kazlıçeşme Station, 750 m from the coastal road, 400 m from Yedikule train station, 3.5 km from İDO Yenikapı Pier and Aksaray, and 5 km from centers such as Eminönü and Bakırköy.

There are private schools, public schools, hospitals, sports complexes and shopping malls in the area 1.5 km from where Yedikule Mansions are located. In addition, being 1.6 km from Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty and 2.7 km from Çapa Medical Faculty offers an advantageous location that makes life easier.

Yeniköy Konakları


Yeniköy Mansions project is being implemented by Yeni Yapı in Eyüp-Alibeyköy location. The project, which brings Istanbul to your feet due to its location, rises in a low-rise, spacious living concept. The Yeniköy Mansions project, which is ideal for family life, is spread over an area of ​​35 thousand square meters.

Yeniköy Mansions Floor Plan

There are 336 flats in the Yeniköy Mansions project, which consists of 10 blocks in total. The apartments in the project, which offers a quiet family life to the owners with its spacious concept, horizontal architecture and large balconies, are designed as 2+1 open and closed kitchen, 3+1, 3+1 garden duplex, 4+1 and 5+1 duplex with terrace. The area size of the apartments in the Yeniköy Konakları project starts from 85 square meters and reaches 205 square meters.

Where is Yeniköy Konakları?

It is also possible to easily reach Türk Telekom Arena Stadium and Maslak from the Yeniköy Konakları project, which draws attention with its location close to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and TEM connections. Yeniköy Konakları project, which is adjacent to the 5th Levent project, also provides the opportunity to reach Hasdal Junction, AKOM and Maslak within minutes. Rising at the intersection of Eyüp and Kemerburgaz, the project is located at the exit point of the 3-storey Istanbul Tunnel.

Yenikoy Mansions Nearby

Among the hospitals close to the Yeniköy Mansions project, Private Haliç Hospital, Şişli Florence Nightingale Hospital, Şişli Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital, Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital, Turkey Hospital, Gaziosmanpaşa Taksim Training and Research Hospital, Yeniyüzyıl University Faculty of Dentistry Hospital, Kağıthane State Hospital, There are Gaziosmanpaşa Medical Park, Acıbadem Fulya Hospital, Eyüp State Hospital, Yeniyüzyıl University Faculty of Medicine Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital, Kolan International Hospital, Private Avrupa Şafak Hospital.

Yeniköy Mansions project Biltes College, Kağıthane Profilo Anatolian Technical High School, Alibeyköy Anatolian High School, Fahrettin Özüdogru Anatolian Trade Vocational High School, Şişli Technical Industrial Vocational High School, Private Uğur High School, Küçükköy Anatolian Imam Hatip High School, Nişantaşı Nuri Akın Anatolian High School, Maçka Akif Tunçel Technical and It is also very close to schools such as Industrial Vocational High School, FMV Işık Schools Nişantaşı Campus, Osman Faruk Verimer Primary School, Nef Primary School, Şişli Doğa College.

Among the shopping centers close to the Yeniköy Konakları project are Cevahir, Gel Gör Shopping Centers, Trump Shopping Center, Sapphire Çarşı, Vialand, Biz Cevahir Haliç AVM, Axis, City’s Nişantaşı, White Hill, Blackout, Pashador AVM, Reinsurance Bazaar, Saphirre Plaza, Vialand Shopping Streets. exists.

Yeniköy Mansions Social Facilities

The Yeniköy Mansions project has all the necessary facilities for families to lead a comfortable life. The project includes special landscape areas, indoor and outdoor parking, security, shopping area, social facility, gym, sauna, walking areas, basketball court and children’s playgrounds.

Yenikoy Mansions Delivery Date

Deliveries of the Yeniköy Konakları project are scheduled for March 2020.

Yedi Yıldız Konakları

Yedi Yıldız Mansions, built in Istanbul Büyükçekmece Albatros locality, rises on a 6612 square meter plot.

Yedi Yıldız Mansions PROJECT FEATURES

Yedi Yıldız Mansions, built in Istanbul Büyükçekmece Albatros locality, rises on a 6612 square meter plot. In the site where there are 36 flats in total, the flats are designed as 3+1 and 5+2. Opening the doors of a life intertwined with nature in the city, 80% of Yedi Yıldız Mansions has been reserved for green space.

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Yedi Yıldız Mansions project was implemented in Büyükçekmece district on the European side of Istanbul. You can find all the details about the Yedi Yıldız Konakları project in our content.

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