Adlon Residence Golf Society

Adlon Residence Golf Society PROJECT FEATURES

Adlon Residence Golf Society project is being implemented by BB Group within the borders of Bodrum district of Muğla.

Adlon Golf Society Residence Floor Plan

Adlon Golf Society Residence project rises to consist of 3 floors. The Adlon Golf Society Residence project, designed in 37 blocks, has 15 villas and 198 residential units. Housing types in the project are listed as 1+1 and 2+1. While the 2+1 apartments in the project are designed as a garden floor, the 1+1 apartments are located on the upper floors.

Adlon Golf Society Residence Social Facilities

The social equipment areas in the Adlon Golf Society Residence project are listed as an outdoor swimming pool, an indoor swimming pool, a children’s swimming pool, a children’s playground, a fitness center, a cafe, a restaurant, a basketball court, a sun terrace and a golf course.

Adlon Golf Society Residence Delivery Date

The housing deliveries of the Adlon Golf Society Residence project are made immediately.

Arıcan Terra Mersin

Arıcan Terra Mersin PROJECT FEATURES

Arıcan Terra project, built on an area of ​​5 thousand square meters in Mersin Yenişehir, is being implemented by Arıcan İnşaat

The sizes of the 4+1 and 7+1 flats in the Arıcan Terra Mersin project, which consists of 46 residences in 2 blocks, vary between 196 and 392 square meters.

Arıcan Terra Mersin project, which is planned to be delivered in June 2019, is 7 minutes to Forum AVM, 3 minutes to Highway, 4 minutes to Mersin University, 3 minutes to Mersin Medical Faculty, 3 minutes to Stadium, 6 minutes to Marina, to Kipa. It is 4 minutes away from the metro, 3 minutes away from the Servet Tazegül gym and 1 minute away.

Among the social facilities of the Arıcan Terra project, there are sauna, barbecue, swimming pool, indoor gym, outdoor sports area, children’s playground, camellias, landscape area, sauna, fitness center, spa, cinema, security, basketball court and walking areas.

The project, which has 2 flats on each floor, is designed as ground+12 and 13 floors. In the Arıcan Terra Mersin project, there are double elevators, security room, photocell encrypted entrance doors, en-suite bathroom, dressing room, solar energy, generator and heat insulated double glazing in each block.

Alanya Oriens Rezidans

Alanya Oriens Residence PROJECT FEATURES

Rising with the signature of Novron, the Alanya Oriens Residence project is being implemented in Alanya, one of the most popular regions of Antalya. The project, which draws attention with its location dominating the Mediterranean view, was designed as 3 blocks.

Alanya Oriens Residence Floor Plan

Alanya Oriens Residence project consists of 54 flats and penthouses. In the project, 2+1 standard apartments are designed as 94 square meters and 3+1 type penthouse apartments are designed as 161 square meters.

Where is Alanya Oriens Residence?

Alanya Oriens Residence project is located 10 kilometers from Alanya city center and 125 kilometers from Antalya International Airport. The distance of Novron Oriens Residence to the sandy beaches is stated as only 1.5 kilometers.

Alanya Oriens Residence Nearby

Alanya Oriens Residence project is located in the Alanya region of Antalya, close to many central points. The project, which is mostly preferred for summer purposes, draws attention with its location where you can reach the center in a short time to relax and have a pleasant time with your family.

Alanya Oriens Residence Social Facilities

Offering a spacious life with its location overlooking the sea and forest, Alanya Oriens Residence project offers facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, social facility and security service.

Alanya Oriens Residence Delivery

Sales in the project have been completed.

Alpak Armonia Residence

Alpak Armonia Residence PROJECT FEATURES

The Alpak Armonia Residence project is being implemented by Neva Prestij Yapı – Alpak İnşaat in Eryaman, Ankara. The project, which was built on a land area of ​​21 thousand square meters, consists of 650 residences with sizes of 55 to 85 square meters, designed as 1+1 and 2+1.

Located in the most striking location of Ankara, Alpak Armonia Residence project is 5 minutes from Göksu Lake and within walking distance to the metro. In the project, which creates a safe living space with the latest construction technologies, comfortable and earthquake resistant Karkas Yapı Conventional Formwork Systems, the areas where your children will spend a lot of time have not been forgotten.

Among the social privileges of the project are 24-hour security, fitness, sauna, children’s club, library (reading hall), walking and sports path, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, shopping mall, basketball/football fields, sun terraces, children’s swimming pool and indoor parking lot. exists.

Akkent Paradise Gardens Residence

Akkent Paradise Gardens Residence PROJECT FEATURES

Rising in Ankara Batıkent, Akkent Paradise Gardens Residence consists of 5 main blocks and 3 intermediate blocks connecting the main blocks. The project includes a total of 432 flats, including 84 2+1 flats, 207 3+1 flats, and 141 4+1 flats, and 36 shops. The sizes of the apartments in Akkent Paradise Gardens Residence vary between 87 square meters and 191 square meters.

Rising in the region where Akkent 1-2-3-4 projects implemented by Ünal Akpınar İnşaat are located, Akkent Paradise Gardens Residence has a 270 degree view of Ankara. The most important feature of the residences in the project is that all of them face the south façade and receive the sun. The Akkent Paradise Gardens Residence project, which also includes the shopping center, is the first comprehensive project in the region. The social facilities of the project, which has a green area of ​​50 thousand square meters, are quite rich.

Among the social facilities of the project, ornamental pools, gardens of paradise, Akkent Woods, gazebos in the garden, walking path and bicycle path, hydro massage, Jacuzzi, therapy pool, hot water walking pool against the current, sauna, steam room, massage room, cold room, men- women’s shower and changing cabins, fitness center, pilates, squash, yoga, 4 seasons swimming pool, children’s pool, mini aqua park, skateboarding track, mini golf, outdoor sports equipment, basketball and volleyball courts, astroturf pitch and tennis court, children’s playgrounds and parks, open-air cinema opportunities

Ark Residence


Ark Residence project, located on the Güneşli axis, which is one of the fastest-growing locations in Istanbul, is located on an area of ​​3,863 square meters.

Keleşoğlu İnşaat, one of the important field players of the real estate sector, continues to add new ones to its successful housing projects.

The Ark Residence housing project, built in Güneşli, offers investors a profitable investment and a comfortable living standard.

The Ark Residence project, which offers its users a pleasant, comfortable and profitable investment opportunity, consists of a total of 110 flats, 8 commercial units and 2 offices with privileged facilities.

In the Ark Residence project, which provides ease of use to its users, there are 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 flat options of different sizes.

The project offers bright and spacious living spaces in terms of interior space. Ark Residence project has rich social opportunities apart from location and architectural advantage.

Among the social opportunities of the Ark Residence project; landscaping, security, swimming pool, children’s playgrounds, fitness center, parking lot and sports fields.

Ataköy Marina Park Residence 99

Ataköy Marina Park Residence 99 PROJECT FEATURES

Ataköy Marina Park Residence 99 project, implemented by DATİ Holding in Ataköy, has luxury features such as panoramic sea view, marina area and mega marina.

Ataköy Marina Park Residence 99 project, built under the signature of DATİ Holding in Ataköy, one of the most valuable points of the European Side of Istanbul, offers its investor a life in the center of the city but away from the noise and chaos, and a panoramic sea view that greets you with all its splendor when you wake up.

You will have a spacious living space thanks to the special landscape areas and winter gardens of the Ataköy Marina Park Residence 99 project, which keeps all the shades of green and blue at the center of your life in all four seasons of the year.

One of the most striking features of the Ataköy Marina Park Residence 99 project is that it can be reached both by road, rail and sea. The newly built metro connection, Mega Yacht Harbor and other transportation facilities make the project unique. You can save time by using the marina and sea shuttles of Ataköy Marina Park Residence 99 project without getting stuck in Istanbul’s traffic.

Those who buy a house and own a boat from the project, which is located in one of the most exclusive spots in Istanbul, will be able to easily leave their boats at the Mega Yacht Harbor and reach their homes after a pleasant Bosphorus or Islands tour.

Thanks to the project, which is located very close to the Eurasia Tunnel, which connects the two sides of Istanbul under the sea, you can easily switch between the two sides and reach your home. The project also provides a great advantage in intercity travels, as it is located very close to the intercity sea bus pier.

Ataköy Marina Park Residence 99 project includes different units ranging from 1+1 to duplexes and penthouses, ranging from 80 to 800 square meters.

The project is also rich in terms of social facilities. Ataköy Marina Park, which includes children’s playgrounds, pool table, lush gardens, restaurant and cafe, party area, football and basketball courts, fully equipped gym, sauna, outdoor swimming pools, tennis court and table tennis, indoor and outdoor parking. Residence 99 opens the doors of a peaceful and healthy life.

Asmin Park Residence

Asmin Park Residence PROJECT FEATURES

Asmin Park Residence, which was built on an area of ​​​​4 thousand 200 square meters by Duz Line Architecture, is rising in Tuzla, the region of Istanbul that has gained value in recent years. The Asmin Park project, designed on the basis of maximum comfort, promises a life where you will experience the neighborhood culture with your family. Located in a location surrounded by universities, hospitals, shopping centers, city park, marina and airport, the project is approximately 3.5 kilometers from the D-100 highway and the inter-city highway. There are only 2 1+1 units in the Asmin Park project, 3 thousand 300 square meters of which is reserved for green areas. In addition to the outdoor swimming pool, children’s swimming pool, children’s playgrounds, basketball court, fitness center will color your life in the complex, and you will find peace by the lake / pond.

Atalay Residence


Atalay Residence, built by Iz Gayrimenkul Geliştirme within the scope of urban transformation studies, is located on the Anatolian side.

Located on the Göztepe axis of Kadıköy district, the project draws attention with its modern architecture and privileged facilities.

Located in Göztepe, Atalay Residence housing project offers its users a profitable and comfortable life thanks to its central location. The project is being built on an area of ​​3 thousand 358 square meters with 20 floors and consists of a total of 80 flats. Attracting attention with its modern architecture and rich social facilities, Atalay Residence housing project offers its investors a living alternative in 2 different apartment types.

The project, which is planned to be different from each other in terms of housing sizes and residences, aims to provide convenience to users.

Atalay Residence housing project, which has the advantage of transportation, is located close to many important points such as Fenerbahçe Yacht Harbor, Göztepe Marmaray, Bağdat Caddesi and Kalamış Marina.

Apart from transportation, the Atalay Residence housing project, which offers its investors a view of the sea and the islands, is expected to be delivered to their owners in September 2017.

Among the social facilities of Atalay Residence housing project with a view overlooking the sea and the islands: sun terrace, fitness center, walking paths, outdoor swimming pool, security with security cameras, landscaping areas, parking garage, rest areas, sauna, children’s playgrounds and children’s swimming pools. Pool facilities are included.

Antasya Residence

Antasya Residence PROJECT FEATURES

Antasya Residence, which was built by Ant Yapı in Ümraniye, one of the districts of Istanbul that is rapidly urbanizing and where the village and local traditions are preserved, is being brought to life on a land area of ​​80 thousand square meters.

Consisting of 617 residences designed as 1+1 and 2+1, varying in size from 44 to 67 square meters, Antasya Residence consists of 2 office towers and a shopping center.

The project, which stands out with its arrangement that includes every shade of green, architectural aesthetics and technical equipment, draws attention in terms of location. Located in the region defined as the new financial center of Istanbul, Antasya Residence is at the intersection of all important transportation routes of Istanbul.


At Antasya Residence, the safety of you and your loved ones is in safe hands 24/7… While your children are having fun in the playgrounds and swimming pool reserved for them, you will have fun in the collapsible swimming pool. While keeping fit in the fitness center, you will get away from stress in the sauna.