Algün Midpoint


Algün Midpoint project is rising in Düzce Akçakoca, Turkey’s developing region, with the signature of Algün İnşaat. The project with 175 residences, designed as 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1, varying in size from 75 to 115 square meters, consists of 7 blocks with 3 floors each, including the ground floor.

The project, which is planned to be delivered in April 2018, combines aesthetics, comfort and profit. The Algün Midpoint project, which includes options suitable for every need, comes to the fore with its low-rise architecture. There are a total of 175 flats and 10 commercial units with 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 options in Algün MidPoint, where there are options suitable for every need. The project promises a comfortable life with its technical equipment and a safe life with its earthquake-proof infrastructure.

Within the scope of the project, there are children’s playgrounds, security, security with cameras and open parking lot.

Alfresco Evleri


The Alfresco Houses project is being implemented by Durukan İnşaat in Çukurova, one of the most popular residential areas of Adana. The Alfresco Houses project, implemented in the family concept, has a position overlooking the lake.

Alfresco Houses Floor Plan

The apartments in the Alfresco Houses project are designed as 2+1 duplex, 3+1 duplex floors and residences with terrace gardens. There are 16 residences in the Alfresco Houses project, where all apartments are designed with the concept of smart home. With the smart home technology in the project, the residents of the flats will be able to constantly monitor the safety and security of their homes.

Where are Alfresco Houses?

Alfresco Houses project Karslılar Mah. 82012. Sk. 01170 It rises in Çukurova/Adana locality. The project is located 1 minute away from the Sailing Club, Dam Zirve, Park Lake and Turgut Özal Boulevard.

Alfresco Houses Nearby

Among the hospitals close to the Alfresco Houses Project are Dermancan Medical Center, Nursing Homes Family Health Center, Seyhan Research and Practice Hospital, Fatma Kemal Timuçin Oral and Dental Health Hospital, Yaşam Medical Center, Avrupa Hospital, Dr. Ekrem Tok Mental Health Hospital, Deva Veterinary Medicine Center, Private Adana Medline Hospital, Adana Surgical Medical Center, Focus Medical Center, Private Epc Hospital, 80. Yıl Family Health Center, Güzelyalı Hospital, Dormitory Family Health Center, Dormitory 2 Family Health Center, There is a Family Health Center No. 2 in the Municipality Houses.

Schools close to the Alfresco Houses project are Doruk Temel High School Buhara Secondary School, Adana Anatolian Girls High School, Private Kuzey Adana Final Basic High School, Private School Çukurova Bilfen School, Necip Fazıl Kısakürek Primary School, Piri Reis Anatolian High School, Hacı Nazım Turgut Primary School, Kurttepe. Industrial Vocational High School, Nigahi Soykan Primary School, Adana Chamber of Physicians Primary School, İsmail Safa Özler Anatolian High School, Çukurova Electric Technical and Industrial Vocational High School, Agiad Secondary School, Adana BTU Foreign Language High School, Private Başkent Schools, Final Schools.

The project is also rising close to shopping centers such as CarrefourSA AVM, Forum Adana AVM, Çetinkaya and Portakal AVM.

Alfresco Houses Social Facilities

In the Alfresco Houses project, there are social facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, security, camera security and sun terrace.

Alfresco Homes Delivery Date

The delivery date of the Alfresco Houses project is stated as December 2018.



The AllSancak project is being implemented in the Alsancak region of Izmir with the partnership of Pekintaş Yapı and Burakcan İnşaat. The project is designed with a mixed life concept that brings together both living and commercial life.

AllSancak Floor Plan

The AllSancak project will consist of 7 residential blocks with 3 and 24 floors on a 78,500 square meter plot in the Alsancak region. The project, which includes a total of 1069 residences, also includes shop units ranging in size from 40.69 to 289.44 square meters. The types of residences in the AllSancak project are planned as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 and 5+1.

Where is AllSancak?

The AllSancak project will be located within the borders of Alsancak district, one of the most popular residential areas of İzmir. The project will rise on the land where the Tariş factories are located.

AllSancak Social Facilities

Social facilities in the AllSancak project, which has a sea view, are listed as indoor and outdoor swimming pool, children’s swimming pool, fitness center, kindergarten, school, security, parking garage and walking track.

AllSancak Delivery Date

The AllSancak project is planned to be delivered in April-May 2022.

Atılgan Royal


The Atılgan Royal project, implemented by Atılgan İnşaat in Karşıyaka, one of the most popular cities of İzmir, rises on a land area of ​​5 thousand square meters. The architecture of the project, which opens the doors of a luxurious life, bears the signature of Ömer Çamoğlu.

Branded products were used in the technical equipment of the project, which consists of a 27-storey tower and 8 detached villas, which is planned to be delivered in the last quarter of 2018.

While the villas are designed with a garden area of ​​200 to 400 square meters and their own private pools, 2+1 apartments are 144 square meters, 3,5+1 apartments are 229 to 307 square meters, 4.5+1 loft apartments are 428 square meters, and 5+1 detached villas. It was designed as 418 square meters.

In the project, which has a construction area of ​​39 thousand square meters, 2 thousand 700 square meters were allocated to green areas.

Atılgan Royal, which offers you a perfect life to live with your loved ones with a unique view, draws attention with its green areas, seafront location and complete social facilities.

At Atılgan Royal, which opens the doors of a healthy and fun-filled life, many services that will add energy, fun and health to your life await you in the most perfect form, with a fitness center, resting areas, mini basketball court and cafe.

The nursery, children’s playgrounds and pool at Atılgan Royal will put a smile on your face while offering your children a fairy tale life. The 24-hour lobby and security service at Atılgan Royal will ensure that you and your loved ones are always safe. Offering a unique life with its many privileged services such as indoor parking and concierge, Atılgan Royal awaits you for your life beyond your dreams.

Atakent Panorama


The Atakent Panorama project, which was implemented in the Çiğli district of İzmir, opens the doors of a lush life in İzmir, intertwined with nature. In Çiğli, you will find the opportunity to live a healthy life by breathing clean and oxygen-rich air intertwined with green.

Atakent Panorama Project Features

Atakent Panorama project comes to life with the signature of Ataseven Group. The project, which rises on a construction area of ​​17 thousand 87 square meters, consists of 5 blocks. The project will include 240 residences.

Atakent Panorama Floor Plan

It is planned to have a total of 240 flats in 5 blocks in the Atakent Panorama project located in Çiğli. There are 3 bedroom and 1 living room apartments suitable for family life in the project. In the project, the smallest flat will start at 151 square meters and the largest flat will reach 154 square meters.

Where is Atakent Panorama?

Atakent Panorama project is located in Çiğli, one of the most valuable districts of İzmir. Atakent Panorama project offers a breathtaking view to its residents with its panoramic view of the bay.

Atakent Panorama Neighborhood

In the Atakent Panorama project, Kordon Medical Center, Private Karşıyaka Eye Hospital, Başkent University Zübeyde Hanım Application and Research Center, Çiğli Regional Training Hospital, İzmir Ekol Hospital, İzmir Private Can Hospital, Gerbay Family Health Center, Private Ekol Eye Medical Center, Kent Hospital, T.C. You will be able to easily reach giant hospitals such as the Ministry of Health Çiğli State Hospital, shopping centers such as MaviBahçe, 5M Çiğli Migros, Çiğli Forbest, Ege Park, Kipa AVM, Efesus Outlet, Soyak Meydan AVM, CarrefourSA. You will also have dozens of public, private and college options for the education of your children.

Atakent Panorama Social Facilities

Atakent Panorama project can meet all kinds of needs of its residents with its social facilities. The project includes indoor and outdoor parking, gym, social facility, fitness, Turkish bath, sauna, walking track, indoor swimming pool, children’s swimming pool, tennis court, football, basketball and volleyball courts and children’s playgrounds.

Atakent Panorama Delivery Date

The Atakent Panorama project is expected to be delivered to its owners in September 2020.

Allways Çiğli


The Allways Çiğli project was implemented in Çiğli, one of the most popular living and investment areas of İzmir.

Allways Cigli Floor Plan

The apartment types in the Allways Çiğli project, which is designed to consist of 147 residences and 9 street shops, are determined as 1 room 1 living room, 2 rooms 1 living room and 3 rooms 1 living room. In the project, 1+0 apartments were designed in 2 types as 27 square meters, 1+1 apartments were designed as 44 and 56 square meters, and 2+1 apartments were designed with an area of ​​54 square meters.

Where is Allways Cigli?

The Allways Çiğli project rises in the Çiğli district of İzmir, right across from Katip Çelebi University. Due to its location, the project offers both a very profitable investment and a central settlement opportunity. The street shops in the Allways Çiğli project will add value to the project environment after being put into use by certain brands.

Allways Cigli Social Facilities

The Allways Çiğli project, where a social life is offered, includes an indoor swimming pool, Finnish bath, sauna and many event environments. Apart from this, the project has a security system and parking lot.

Allways Çiğli Delivery Date

Apartments in the Allways Çiğli project are being delivered immediately.

Atabilge İncek Konutları

Atabilge İncek Residences PROJECT FEATURES

Atabilge İncek Residences project is being implemented by Atabilge İncek Housing Cooperative in Gölbaşı district of Ankara.

Located in the new development area of Ankara, İncek-Kızılcaşar-Taşpınar Urban Transformation and Development Project area, Atabilge İncek Residences project will come to life on a land of 50 thousand 697 square meters. In the project, where a total of 696 apartments will be located, there will be 2 room 2 living room, 3 room 2 living room and 4.5 room 2 living room apartment types.

The area sizes of the apartments in the Atabilge İncek Residences project can vary between 90 square meters and 180 square meters.
The Atabilge İncek Residences project, which is planned to be delivered in October 2019, includes a sauna, indoor children’s playgrounds, an indoor swimming pool, a fitness center and a social facility with a pocket cinema.

Allora Beytepe


Allora Beytepe project, which includes 114 residences consisting of 2+1, 4+1 and 5+1 ‘standard’ and ‘duplex’ flat types, varying in size from 180 to 576 square meters, brings a different sense of comfort to the city center with its modern architecture and landscaping.

In Allora Beytepe, which reflects a high-quality lifestyle, a naturalness that goes beyond the standards awaits you in Allora with all its spaciousness, with a garden of 7,867 square meters, as well as a 30 thousand square meter park that surrounds the site and belongs to the municipality.

In the project, which offers the most beautiful social facilities and private brands one step away from each other with its 3-storey commercial area, details that will make your daily life easier, such as your living area protected for 24 hours, indoor and outdoor parking, as well as commercial parking and private parking for guests, were not forgotten.

In the project, where you can watch the green trees embrace the sky, as well as apartments with sun on all three sides, you will be able to give yourself and your loved ones hours of pleasure by relieving all the tiredness of the day in the camellias in the garden.

In Allora Beytepe, you will enjoy the pleasure of doing sports in the basketball court, tennis court and a fitness center full of sunlight, where you can keep fit easily, while you will experience the privilege of swimming while watching the clouds in the glass-ceiling pool.

In this living area, which is protected by a 24-hour camera security system, your children will spend time in peace and security in the areas reserved for them with plenty of greenery.

Allure Tower


The Allure Tower project was implemented by Doruk GYO in Avcılar.

The project, which is 3 kilometers from the sea bus, is close to the universities of Beykent, Gelişim, Fatih and Istanbul.

The Allure Tower project, which includes 400 residences, was built in a single block with 30 floors.

In the Allure Tower project, 1+1 apartments are designed as 71-80 square meters, 2+1 apartments as 81-137 square meters.

Almina Tower



Located in Esenyurt, one of the regions with the highest investment value, Almina Towers is at the center of life.

The Almina Tower project, which consists of a total of 205 apartments with a spacious and bright interior, also includes 21 commercial units.

Located on the axis of Esenyurt, the Almina Tower housing project comes to life with the cooperation of Mutlu İnşaat and Quattro Proje.

Rising close to Avcılar Haramidere Connection Road and consisting of 27 single blocks, the Almina Tower project is being built on an area of ​​2 thousand 442 square meters.

Almina Tower, which is suitable for all kinds of use, offers the investors of the project: studio: 1+1 and 2+1 flat alternatives.

In the Almina Tower project, which opens the doors of a profitable and pleasant living space to the investors in Esenyurt, the apartments consist of sizes ranging from 46 to 130 square meters.

The project is planned to be delivered in December 2018. Thanks to the location of the Almina Tower project; It is close to educational institutions, hospitals, shopping malls and important points of social life.

Among the social facilities of the Almina Tower project: indoor parking, walking paths, fitness center, children’s playgrounds, security, recreation areas, camera security and sauna are available.