Yağmur Garden

Yağmur Garden project is located in Manavgat, one of the central locations of Antalya region. The project, which bears the signature of Keskinler İnşaat, rises on an area of ​​1,400 square meters in total.


Yağmur Garden project is located in Manavgat, one of the central locations of Antalya region. The project, which bears the signature of Keskinler İnşaat, rises on an area of ​​1,400 square meters in total.

Yağmur Garden Floor Plan

The Yağmur Garden project, which has a design that will appeal to the family concept, includes 2 room, 1 living room and 4 room 1 living room types. 2 bedroom and 1 apartments in Yağmur Garden project are designed to be 75 square meters, and 4 bedrooms and 1 living room apartments to be 135 square meters.

Where is Rain Garden?

Yağmur Garden project is located in Antalya, one of the prominent regions of Turkey with its tourism. The open address of Yağmur Garden project is Selimiye Mh. Turgut Ozal Cad. No:40/B 07330  Side – Manavgat is indicated as Antalya.

Yağmur Garden Neighborhood

The Yağmur Garden project provides high income to the owners of residences and those who have investment flats due to its location. The project, which draws attention with its proximity to central points, also provides transportation advantage in this respect.

Yağmur Garden Social Facilities

In the Yağmur Garden project, privileges such as an outdoor swimming pool, parking lot and landscaping are offered to the apartment owners.

Rain Garden Delivery Date

All apartments in the Yağmur Garden project have been delivered.

Alara Residence


The Alara Residence project is being implemented by Demrol İnşaat in the Alanya region of Antalya. The project, which rises to consist of 7 blocks, is built on a plot of 12 thousand 600 square meters.

Alara Residence Floor Plan

The Alara Residence project consists of a total of 188 residences. There are 1+1 and 5 flats on each floor in 4 blocks in the project, where there are 1 room, 1 living room and 2 room 1 living room type apartment options. There are a total of 4 flats in 3 blocks, 2 2+1 and 2 1+1. In Alara Residence, 1+1 apartments are designed to have a size of 55 square meters and 2+1 apartments to have a size of 110 square meters.

Where is Alara Residence?

Located within the borders of Alanya, one of the favorite investment areas of Antalya, Alara Residence is 700 meters from Justinianus Bay. Culturally, events such as Aspendos Opera Festival, Antalya Piano Festival, Alanya Triathlon, Manavgat Festival are next to Alara Residence.

Alara Residence Neighborhood

Alara Residence project includes health institutions such as İncekum Family Health Center, İncekum Health Center, Okurcalar ASM, Türkler Family Health Center, and Berat Hayriye Cömertoğlu Secondary School, Okurcalar Berat Hayriye Cömeroğlu Secondary School, Antalya Gazi High School, İncekum Öztaş Primary School, Boztepe Secondary School, İncekum Esentepe Primary School, It is located very close to schools such as Berat-Hayriye Cömertoğlu ÇPAL, İncekum Esentepe Secondary School, Örenşehir Primary School. The project is also very close to shopping centers such as Alara Grand Bazaar, 5M Migros AVM, Memory Watch Center.

Alara Residence Social Facilities

In the Alara Residence project, social facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, children’s swimming pool, children’s playgrounds, sauna, fitness center, restaurant and market are offered to the apartment owners.

Alara Residence Delivery Date

Alara Residence project deliveries take place immediately.

Alanya Oriens Rezidans

Alanya Oriens Residence PROJECT FEATURES

Rising with the signature of Novron, the Alanya Oriens Residence project is being implemented in Alanya, one of the most popular regions of Antalya. The project, which draws attention with its location dominating the Mediterranean view, was designed as 3 blocks.

Alanya Oriens Residence Floor Plan

Alanya Oriens Residence project consists of 54 flats and penthouses. In the project, 2+1 standard apartments are designed as 94 square meters and 3+1 type penthouse apartments are designed as 161 square meters.

Where is Alanya Oriens Residence?

Alanya Oriens Residence project is located 10 kilometers from Alanya city center and 125 kilometers from Antalya International Airport. The distance of Novron Oriens Residence to the sandy beaches is stated as only 1.5 kilometers.

Alanya Oriens Residence Nearby

Alanya Oriens Residence project is located in the Alanya region of Antalya, close to many central points. The project, which is mostly preferred for summer purposes, draws attention with its location where you can reach the center in a short time to relax and have a pleasant time with your family.

Alanya Oriens Residence Social Facilities

Offering a spacious life with its location overlooking the sea and forest, Alanya Oriens Residence project offers facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, social facility and security service.

Alanya Oriens Residence Delivery

Sales in the project have been completed.

Vogue Yeşilova


Vogue Yeşilova project is being built by Kav Konut İnşaat in Kocaeli Yeşilova.

Vogue Yesilova Floor Plan

The Vogue Yeşilova project is designed to consist of 102 residences. The residences in the project, which will rise as 5 blocks on 8 decares of land, differ from 2 rooms and 1 living room to 4 rooms and 1 living room. 2+1 apartments in the Vogue Yeşilova project are designed between 96 square meters and 103 square meters, 3+1 apartments are between 120 square meters and 172 square meters, and 4+1 apartments are designed as 202 square meters.

Vogue Yesilova Social Facilities

Social facilities in the Vogue Yeşilova project are listed as swimming pool, social facility, fitness center, children’s playgrounds, mini basketball court, walking paths, camellias and green areas.

Vogue Yesilova Delivery Date

The delivery date of the Vogue Yeşilova project has been determined as December 2019.

Alara My World


Alara My World project is being implemented in Yüzevler, the most popular area of ​​Adana Yumurtalık. The project, built by Öztaş Limited, rises as 8 blocks designed as 15 and 16 floors.

In the project, which includes 556 flats in total, there are flat options consisting of 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 flats. The 1+1 apartments in the project have an area of ​​110 square meters, the 2+1 apartments have an area of ​​160 square meters, and the 3+1 apartments have an area of ​​210 square meters.

The Alara My World project, which has a construction area of ​​86 thousand 500 square meters, rises with a sea view as a location.

Aslan Plus


Aslan Plus project is being implemented by As Çukurova Gayrimenkul in the Çukurova region of Adana. The sales process continues in the Aslan Plus project, which consists of 5 blocks.

Aslan Plus Floor Plan

Aslan Plus project, consisting of 5 blocks, has been designed in a special concept where families will lead a comfortable life. With its central location and modern architecture and rich social areas, the project is being implemented with an understanding that will enrich your life, make your day enjoyable, relieve your tiredness and change your perspective on investment.

Where is Aslan Plus?

The Aslan Plus project, located in Çukurova, one of the central regions of Adana, provides ease of access to the owners with its location advantage and provides high income to the investors.

Aslan Plus Neighborhood

Hospitals close to Aslan Plus project are Private Medline Hospital, Dr Askin Tüfekçi State Hospital, Yüzüncü Yıl Family Health Center No. 1, Fresenius-Private FMC Adana Seyhan Dialysis Center, Seyhan Research and Application Hospital, Avrupa Hospital, Private Epc Hospital, Adana Surgical Medicine Center, Adana Mental and Neurological Diseases Hospital, Dermancan Medical Center, Focus Medicine Center, Nursing Homes Family Health Center, 80. Yıl Family Health Center, Dr. Ekrem Tok Mental Health Hospital is listed as Life Medical Center.

Among the schools close to Aslan Plus project are Private Kuzey Adana Final Basic High School, DORUK Basic High School KURTTEPE Branch, Private Erkan Temel High School, Adana Commodity Exchange Anatolian High School, Adana Gündoğdu College, Çukurova Electric Technical and Industrial Vocational High School, Adana Doğa College, Adana BTU Yab. Diller High School, Şehit Temel Cingöz Anatolian High School, Emine Nabi Menemencioğlu High School, İsmail Safa Özler Anatolian High School, Piri Reis Anatolian High School, Private Başkent Schools, Bilfen Schools, Çağrıbey Anatolian Health Vocational High School, Turgut Özal Anatolian High School, Hasan Adalı Anatolian High School, Dr. There are M. Feyyaz Etiz Anatolian High School, Ramazan Atıl Anatolian High School, Çukurova Anatolian High School, and Hacı Hatice Turgut Anatolian High School. Aslan Plus project is also close to shopping centers such as Portakal AVM, CarrefourSA AVM, M1real, Ender and Çetinkaya.

Aslan Plus Social Facilities

In the Aslan Plus project, you will create prestige in your life with numerous opportunities such as large living spaces, swimming pool, basketball court, children’s playground, entertainment room, open car park.

Aslan Plus Delivery Date

The flats of Aslan Plus project are delivered immediately.

Villa Sera Çeşme


Villa Sera Çeşme is being implemented in Çeşme, one of the most popular regions of Turkey, with the initiative of Umi İnşaat. Villa Sera Çeşme project, designed in a concept that will offer fun and peace together, will be the common address of those who cannot be happy without the sea.

Villa Sera Çeşme project, which is within walking distance of Aya Yorgi Bay, which is famous for the beauty of its sea and beach, is being implemented on an area of 21 thousand square meters. 14 thousand square meters of the project, which invites the owners to wake up in paradise, is reserved for green areas.

Consisting of 29 villas, each with a sea view, garden and smart design, the villa greenhouse project invites those who yearn for the sea and nature to a privileged world.

Yücesoy Mahalle

Yücesoy Neighborhood  PROJECT FEATURES

Yücesoy Mahalle project is rising in İzmir Menemen with the signature of Yücesoy Engineering. Established on a land area of 3,500 square meters, the project consists of 70 apartments designed as 2+1, 2+1 duplex, 3+1, 3+1 duplex and 4+1 duplex, varying in size from 64 to 149 square meters. The project, which is planned to be delivered at the end of 2017, consists of 3 blocks with 4 and 5 floors.

The social privileges of the project, which opens the doors of a comfortable life with its safe infrastructure and technical equipment in accordance with earthquake regulations, include an outdoor swimming pool, children’s playgrounds, walking track, sunbathing terrace, security and security with cameras.

Yıldız Park Ankara


Yıldız Park Ankara project, implemented by Yıldız Park İnşaat, consists of 181 flats and 7 commercial areas in 3 blocks.

Rising in Altındağ, one of Ankara’s rising favorite investment centers, Yıldız Park project has modern architectural features that reveal the concept of new generation luxury.

In the Yıldız Park project, which was built on a land of 9 thousand 86 square meters, different apartment options from 3 + 1 to 6 + 1 are listed, while the flat areas vary between 165 square meters and 240 square meters.

Located 3 kilometers from the center, the  Yıldız Park İnşaat  project includes 2 thousand square meters of social areas. In the project; There are common living areas such as pool, sauna, fitness room, children’s playgrounds, reading room, library and jogging track.

Yeşiltaş Konakları

Yeşiltaş Konakları PROJECT FEATURES

Yeşiltaş Mansions project is being implemented by Taşolar İnşaat in Osmangazi, one of the central districts of Bursa. The Yeşiltaş Mansions project, designed in a concept where families will be comfortable, draws attention with its spacious architecture.

Yesiltas Mansions Floor Plan

The Yeşiltaş Mansions project has a spacious design that specifically targets family life. All of the residences in the project were built with 3 rooms, 1 living room and an area of ​​184 square meters. The ceiling height of the apartments in the project is calculated as 2.95 meters.

Where is Yesiltas Mansions?

Yeşiltaş Konakları offers a new life within the framework of its high standard concept and understanding of quality. Yeşiltaş Mansions project is being implemented within the borders of Osmangazi district, one of the central locations of Bursa.

Yeşiltaş Mansions Nearby

The Yeşiltaş Mansions project, together with the natural green area of ​​the region where it is located, makes life easier with its location close to central life, universities, schools and shopping centers.

Yeşiltaş Mansions Social Facilities

In the Yeşiltaş Mansions project, social facilities such as indoor and outdoor parking and security system are offered to the use of flat owners.

Yeşiltaş Mansions Delivery Date

The apartments of the Yeşiltaş Konakları project are ready for immediate delivery.