Yalıncak Villaları


Yalıncak Villas project is being implemented by AKS Group in Yalıncak region of Trabzon. The Yalıncak Villas project, located on 1 decare of land, offers a boutique and elite life.

Yalincak Villas Floor Plan

In the Yalıncak Villas project, which consists of only 22 villas, all villas are positioned to see the sea. Each villa in the project consists of 7 rooms and 2 living rooms. In the Yalıncak Villas project, the villas with an area of 2 thousand 30 square meters are designed as 3 floors.

Yalincak Villas Social Facilities

In the Yalıncak Villas project, each of the residences has its own private pool and indoor parking lot. In the project, which has a sea view, social facilities offered to the owners include an outdoor swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, indoor parking lot and security.

Yalincak Villas Delivery Date

The Yalıncak Villas project is expected to be delivered in December 2019.

Yaşam Park Konutları

Yaşam Park Residences PROJECT FEATURES

The Yaşam Park Residences project is being implemented by Özütaş İnşaat in the Anamur region of Mersin. Yaşam Park Residences, which will rise on a land area of ​​5,140 square meters, consists of both residences and commercial units.

Yaşam Park Residences Floor Plan

In the Yaşam Park Residences project, designed with a boutique concept, there are 49 residences and 6 commercial areas in addition to the residences. The apartments in the project are designed as 3 rooms, 1 living room and 4 rooms and 1 living room options. In the Yaşam Park Residences project, the size of the 3+1 apartments is 200 square meters, and the size of the 4+1 apartments is 240 square meters.

Yaşam Park Residences Social Facilities

In the Yaşam Park Residences project, there are social equipment areas such as walking track, indoor and outdoor fitness area, multi-purpose sports areas, children’s playgrounds, meeting and social activity areas for apartment owners.



Viyakent project Kopuz Gayrimenkul Yatırım A.Ş. It is being implemented within the borders of Merkez Fener District of Rize. The project, which is designed to consist of two blocks, opens the doors of a peaceful family life away from the busyness of the city.

Viyakent Floor Plan

The Viyakent project, which was built on a land of 6 thousand square meters, consists of 114 flats in total. The residences in the project consist of 2 rooms 1 living room, 3 rooms 1 living room and 4 rooms 1 living room options. The 2+1 apartments in the Viyakent project have an area of ​​114 to 146 square meters, the 3+1 apartments 136 to 156 square meters and the 4+1 apartments have an area of ​​180 to 182 square meters.

Where is Viyakent?

The Viyakent project, which has unobstructed mountain and sea views, rises within the borders of Fener District, which is among the central regions of Rize. The project is located 2 km from the city center, 100 meters from the Rectorate of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University, and 200 meters from the coastal road.

Viyakent Social Facilities

Social equipment areas such as indoor swimming pool, children’s playground, fitness center, security, sauna, camera security, football field, camellia, volleyball court, indoor parking are offered to apartment owners in the Viyakent project.

Viyakent Delivery Date

The flats of the Viyakent project are delivered immediately.

Yıldız Kule Residence

Yıldız Kule Residence PROJECT FEATURES

Yıldız Kule Residence project is being implemented by Fam İnşaat in Selçuk, Konya. Yıldız Kule Residence project, which was built on a land area of ​​10 thousand 800 square meters, consists of 186 residences with a size of 145 square meters, designed as 3+1.

The project, which rises in two blocks with 15 and 16 floors, is appreciated not only for its aesthetic architecture, but also for its technical equipment. Yıldız Kule Residence project, which offers comfort and aesthetics together and draws attention with its location close to transportation axes, comes to the fore with its wide social privileges.

Among the social privileges of the project are children’s playgrounds, fitness center, camellia, walking track, ornamental pool, basketball court, camellia, security and security with cameras.


Villa Voyage


Villa Voyage project Inovas A.Ş. is being implemented in Gaziantep. Villa Voyage project invites you to a life in the heart of nature.

Villa Voyage Floor Plan

Villa Voyage project, located in Şahinbey district, at the closest point to Alleben Pond, consists of 16 independent villas in total. Due to the location of the land, all villas within the site have a view of the Alleben Pond. All villas in the Villa Voyage project have 5+1 and 475 square meters of usage area. Each villa has a total of 5 bathrooms. Garden areas vary from 300 square meters to 450 square meters. The 1st stage of the project, which is designed to consist of 3 stages, is planned as 16 villas, the 2nd stage as 12 villas, and the 3rd stage as 10 villas.

Where is Villa Voyage?

The Villa Voyage project is rising in the borders of Şahinbey, one of the favorite living areas of Gaziantep. The project is located 2.5 kilometers from the ring road, 3.5 kilometers from Prime Mal Shopping Center, 500 meters from Gaski sports facilities, within walking distance of Livas Botanical Garden, 3 kilometers from Gaziantepliler Anatolian High School, and 3 kilometers from Vehbi Dinçerler Science High School. taking.

Villa Voyage Social Facilities

In the project, there are underground roads and car parks so that children can play freely and without harm, and spend time in the garden. Apart from this, electric vehicle charging stations specific to each villa are other prominent features of the project. In addition to these and similar technological details, the project paid particular attention to family privacy. The garden and pool of each villa, which are in a separate layout, are also designed to be separate from each other and not see each other.

Villa Voyage Delivery Date

The Villa Voyage project is scheduled to be delivered in September 2022.

Verde Royal


Bringing a new perspective to the sector with its young and dynamic structure, Hacim İnşaat’s Verde Royal, which was built in İzmir, close to the center of Buca, consists of two stages.

Rising on a land area of ​​7 thousand square meters, there are 38 residences in the first phase and 82 residences in the second phase.

The project, which is planned to be delivered towards the end of 2017 and consists of 12 blocks, also includes villas-flats with 25 square meters of gardens.

Verde Royal Buca, which reflects high quality as well as aesthetics with the materials used in Europe, stands out with its distinctive architecture and the fact that it is being built in a green area, very close to the center of Buca.

In the project, which offers two different living spaces in two separate stages, you can live in a stylish apartment with the comfort of a residence, or start living in summer villas-apartments with a different concept design and a swimming pool in the middle.

In the project, where security will be provided 24/7, there is also an outdoor swimming pool, children’s playgrounds and an indoor and outdoor parking lot enough for all vehicles.

Vita Loft Buca


The Vita Loft Buca project is being implemented by Sevinç Yapı in Buca, İzmir.

Vita Loft Buca Floor Plan

Rising on 20 thousand square meters of land, the Vita Loft Buca project consists of 276 units in total. The project includes 1+1, 2+0, 2+1, 1+1 loft and 1+1 villa types. 1+1 and 2+0 apartments in Vita Loft Buca project are 55 square meters, 2+1 apartments are 75 square meters, 1+1 villas are 91 square meters, and 1+1 loft apartments are 128 square meters.

Where is Vita Loft Buca?

Due to its location, Vita Loft Buca project offers the residents the comfort of transportation. The project is being implemented within walking distance of the Buca metro, the planned 1500-bed Tınaztepe City Hospital and Dokuz Eylül University.

Vita Loft Buca Social Facilities

Social facilities in the Vita Loft Buca project are listed as an outdoor swimming pool, sauna, Turkish Bath, fitness center, security, basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court, pool view, indoor parking lot and walking track.

Vita Loft Buca Delivery Date

The deliveries of the Vita Loft Buca project are made immediately.

Yusuf Baysal Residence

Yusuf Baysal Residence PROJECT FEATURES

Yusuf Baysal Residence project is being implemented by Yusuf Baysal İnşaat in the Kozan region of Adana. Rising on a land of 24 thousand 586 square meters, the project is designed to consist of 7 blocks.

Yusuf Baysal Residence Floor Plan

The Yusuf Baysal Residence project, designed in a concept that will appeal to the family, includes apartment alternatives consisting of 2 rooms, 1 living room and 4 rooms and 1 living room. The areas of the 2 bedroom and 1 living room apartments in the project are between 9 and 130 square meters, and the areas of the 4 bedroom and 1 living room apartments are 202 square meters. There are 420 flats in total in the project.

Where is Yusuf Baysal Residence?

The open address of the Yusuf Baysal Residence project is stated as Şevkiye Mah., Kozan, Adana. The project, which is located in Adana Kozan District as a location, facilitates the transportation of the flat owners and offers a profitable investment to the homeowners.

Yusuf Baysal Residence Nearby

Yusuf Baysal Residence project rises in the Koza region, which is located between the central axes of Adana. The project, which offers a high quality of life, makes it easy to reach many health institutions, educational institutions and shopping centers thanks to its central location advantage.

Yusuf Baysal Residence Social Facilities

In the project, all facilities are considered for the comfort of the apartment owners. In the Yusuf Baysal Residence project, which also includes privileges such as satellite TV, wireless internet, generator and fire escape within the building, swimming pool, children’s pool, sitting garden, basketball-volleyball court, tennis court, racquetball, table tennis, walking track, flower islands, Privileges such as modern landscaping and fitness center are offered.

Yusuf Baysal Residence Delivery Date

The apartments in the Yusuf Baysal Residence project are delivered immediately.

Yenitepe İzmir


The Yenitepe İzmir project, which was implemented with the cooperation of Nuhoğlu İnşaat, Aybar İnşaat and Infrastructure and Superstructure Construction, is being implemented in Konak, one of the most popular regions of İzmir. There are 1,533 flats in the project with a land area of 55 thousand square meters.

The apartments in the Yenitepe Izmir project, rising as 20 blocks, have 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 options. In addition to residences, there are 25 commercial units in the project. The project, which provides ease of transportation to the residents due to its location, also includes a swimming pool, indoor and outdoor parking lot, children’s playgrounds, fitness center, children’s playgrounds, basketball court and many other social facilities.

Yenitepe İzmir project, which is located in Aktepe region as a location, rises only 10 minutes away from the airport.

Yücesoy Mahalle

Yücesoy Neighborhood  PROJECT FEATURES

Yücesoy Mahalle project is rising in İzmir Menemen with the signature of Yücesoy Engineering. Established on a land area of 3,500 square meters, the project consists of 70 apartments designed as 2+1, 2+1 duplex, 3+1, 3+1 duplex and 4+1 duplex, varying in size from 64 to 149 square meters. The project, which is planned to be delivered at the end of 2017, consists of 3 blocks with 4 and 5 floors.

The social privileges of the project, which opens the doors of a comfortable life with its safe infrastructure and technical equipment in accordance with earthquake regulations, include an outdoor swimming pool, children’s playgrounds, walking track, sunbathing terrace, security and security with cameras.