Vistahill Bodrum


The Vistahill Bodrum project is being implemented in the Bodrum region of Muğla with the signature of GBC İnşaat. The Vistahill Bodrum project, which draws attention with its boutique structure, offers a spacious life understanding with its sea view.

Vistahill Basement Floor Plan

Vistahill Bodrum project consists of 14 villas and 15 flats. While the apartments in the project are located in a total of 5 blocks as triple combined blocks, the villas are designed as 4+1 duplex and detached. Established on a land of 15,113 square meters, Vistahill Bodrum project has 1+1 apartments of 72 square meters, 2+1 apartments of 85 square meters, 3+1 apartments of 169 square meters and villas of 205 square meters.

Vistahill Bodrum Social Facilities

Social facilities in Vistahill Bodrum project are listed as outdoor swimming pool, children’s swimming pool, children’s playgrounds, sauna, fitness center, indoor parking.

Vistahill Bodrum Delivery Date

The deliveries of the Vistahill Bodrum project are made immediately.

Viltur Villa Saray Bayraklı

Viltur Villa Saray Bayraklı PROJECT FEATURES

Viltur Villa Saray Bayraklı project is being implemented by Viltur Villa Saray İnşaat in Bayraklı, the developing and changing region of İzmir.

The project, which will be built on a land area of 22 thousand 540 square meters, consists of 323 residences, 438 offices and 92 shops designed as 1+1 and 2+1.

The project, which is expected to be completed within 36 months and worth an investment of 410 million TL, also draws attention with its social privileges.

Located right next to the metro and Izban, the project includes a swimming pool, sports fields, walking track, fitness center, sauna, green areas, restaurant, cafe, security and parking lot.

Vitapart 50


Vitapart 50 project comes to life in Nilüfer, one of Bursa’s favorite districts, by Ocak İnşaat. The Vitapart 50 project, which draws attention with its central location, offers a spacious life to the owners with its 1-block boutique concept.

Vitapart 50 Floor Plan

The Vitapart 50 project is rising as a boutique building with 50 comfortable flats. The project, which has come to life with a modern architectural understanding, has a land area of ​​3 thousand 177 square meters. The construction of the project, which offers a comfortable life to the owners, started in 2017.

Where is Vitapart 50?

Vitapart 50 project comes to life in Görükle district of Nilüfer district, one of the central regions of Bursa. With its location advantage, the project offers flat owners both a transportation advantage and a profitable investment opportunity.

Vitapart 50 Neighborhood

Educational institutions close to the Vitapart 50 project: Bursa Children’s University, Mavi Dünya College, Ali Karasu Anatolian High School, Nesrin Fuat Bursalı Primary School, Private Tan Schools, Private Bursa Culture Schools, Doğa College, Bilfen Bursa Campus, Dilek Özer Secondary School, Feriha Uyar Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Barış Anatolian High School, Tofaş Science High School, Atatürk Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Wonderland Kindergarten, Private Ahmet Kırmızı College, Meral – Muammer Ağım Secondary School, American Culture Colleges.

Among the hospitals close to the project are Ceylan International Hospital, Gökçadır Health Center, City Hospital, Private Anadolu Hospital, Dörtçelik Children’s Hospital, Medika Ear Nose and Throat, Sportopedics Treatment Center, Yeşil Beyaz Oral and Dental Polyclinic, Bademli Health Center, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Family Health Center, Burtom OSGB, Ataevler Health Center, Bursa Oral and Dental Health Hospital Ataevler District Polyclinic, Yenibağlar Family Health Center, Nilüfer Tuberculosis Dispensary, Dörtçelik Child Health and Diseases Polyclinic.

The shopping centers close to the Vitapart 50 project are listed as UMI Bazaar, Korupark Mall, PodyumPark, Özdilek Bursa Geçit AVM, Bademli Pandora, Andalusian Park, Turkuaz Plus Bazaar, Özlüce Park, Exclusive by ERRA, Ardıçpark, Turpa AVM, Bamboo Park.

Vitapart 50 Social Facilities

The Vitapart 50 project includes social facilities such as a security system and parking area.

Vitapart 50 Delivery Date

The apartments in the Vitapart 50 project are delivered immediately.

Vişnelik Residences

Vişnelik Residences PROJECT FEATURES

Vişnelik Residences project is being implemented by Asaş Grup Mesken in Ankara’s Çankaya district. The project, which was built on a land area of ​​3 thousand 300 square meters, consists of 83 apartments, designed as 1+1 and 2+1, varying in size from 52 to 125 square meters in a single 14-floor block.

Standing out as an elite project that will add a new dimension to Ankara’s studio housing concept, Vişnelik Residences stands out with its services that will bring your comfort to the last point, such as valet, reception, dry cleaning, airport transfer, cleaning and technical service.

The project, which is also appreciated as a location, is 3 kilometers from the Eskişehir road and Konya road, which are the most important arteries of Ankara, 7 kilometers from Kızılay and Çankaya, and also AŞTİ Intercity Bus Terminal, Ato Congress and Fair Center, Armada Shopping Center, Mövenpick Hotel and TOBB. Hospital, Bayındır Hospital, 7-star Marriott Hotel and Ulusoy Bus Central Departure Point are located in a location that can meet all your needs, with a distance of 3 kilometers to Söğütözü-Çayyolu and Söğütözü-Kızılay metro main station, which can be easily reached from every part of Ankara.

Among the social privileges of Vişnelik Residences project are private security on duty 24/7, fitness center, meeting hall and parking lot.

Villa Loca


Villa Loca project is being implemented by Yapıtek İnşaat in the Nilüfer region of Bursa. The project rises in Demirci, one of the rapidly increasing areas of Bursa, in a location on the central axis of the city but also away from the city noise.

Villa Loca Floor Plan

The Villa Loca project is rising on an area of ​​15 thousand square meters that will bring the forest and mountain view to the home of the owners. In the project, where there are 64 residences in total, the residences are designed as 4+1 duplexes to offer a spacious and comfortable life. The area size of the apartments in the project is determined as 300 square meters.

Where is Villa Loca?

The Villa Loca project is located in Demirci, a part of Bursa’s Nilüfer region. The project is located 10 minutes from Sur Yapı AVM, 40 minutes from Gököz, 40 minutes from Uludağ, 60 minutes from Su Uçtu, 15 minutes from Acıbadem Hospital and 15 minutes from Mihraplı Park.

Villa Loca Nearby

Among the hospitals close to the Villa Loca project are Şevket Yılmaz Hospital, Zekai Gümüşdiş Family Health Center, City Hospital, Ceylan International Hospital, Çekirge State Hospital Pilot Industry Dispensary, Burtom OSGB, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Family Health Center, Fresenius-Private FMC Bursa Dialysis Center, Akpınar Family Health Center, Private Labor Polyclinic, Bademli Health Center, Yenibağlar Family Health Center.

Among the schools close to the Villa Loca project are Eşref Ergin Secondary School, Side Nursery School, Bursa Children’s University, Martyr Gendarmerie Er Bahadır Aydın Secondary School, Mavi Dünya College, Private Şahinkaya College, TED Bursa College, Bilfen Bursa Campus, Doğa College, Seven Colored Çınar Schools, Private Tan Its schools include Ahmet Muharrem Uğur Primary School, Martyr Gendarmerie Sergeant Erman Aydın Secondary School, Fethiye Primary School, American Culture Colleges, Pilot Industry Primary School, Hexagon Şahinkaya, Emine Örnek College, Biltek College, Kültür Schools Bademli Campus, Atatürk Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School.

Among the shopping centers close to the Villa Loca project are Korupark, UMI Bazaar, Bamboo Park, Andalusian Park, Bademli Pandora, Turkuaz Plus Bazaar, Özdilek Bursa Geçit AVM, Agora and Turpa AVM.

Villa Loca Social Facilities

The Villa Loca project, which offers mountain and forest views to the residents, includes an indoor swimming pool, children’s playgrounds, cafe, security, camera security, indoor and outdoor parking.

Villa Loca Delivery Date

The housing deliveries of the Villa Loca project are made immediately.

Vesta Güzelyalı


Vesta Güzelyalı project is rising by Atalay İnşaat within the borders of Mudanya district, one of the central regions of Bursa. The Vesta Güzelyalı project, which has been implemented in 3 blocks, offers an understanding of life consisting of residential and commercial units.

Vesta Güzelyalı Floor Plan

The Vesta Güzelyalı project consists of 48 flats and 2 shop units rising in 3 blocks. The apartments in the project offer 3 bedrooms, 1 living room and 5 bedrooms and 1 living room types. In the Vesta Güzelyalı project, 3+1 apartments are designed as 130 square meters and 5+1 duplexes are designed as 190-200 square meters.

Where is Vesta Guzelyali?

The Vesta Güzelyalı project, rising in the Mudanya – Güzelyalı planning region, is being implemented at a distance of 700 meters from the Güzelyalı ferry port and 250 meters from the Güzelyalı-Bursa highway road.

Vesta Güzelyalı Social Facilities

In the Vesta Güzelyalı project, social facilities such as children’s playgrounds, security, security with cameras and open car park are offered.

Vesta Güzelyalı Delivery Date

The flats of the Vesta Güzelyalı project are delivered immediately.

VİP Kurtköy


ViP Kurtköy, which was built in Kurtköy of Pendik with the cooperation of AGS Group and MY Group construction, offers its investors a profitable investment and a life alone with nature.

In the project, where even the smallest detail is considered to make the residential areas feel special, the apartments have a spacious and bright interior design.

Combining luxury and comfort, the project offers its users a VIP life privilege.

ViP Kurtköy, which embraces blue and green, away from the chaos of the city, offers its investors the key to a peaceful and beautiful life in nature.

Built on 20 acres as a family project in Kurtköy, Vip Kurtköy consists of 246 luxury residences and 12 twin villas.

You will never be bored at VIP Kurtköy!

Planned for different usage purposes in the ViP Kurtköy project; 2+1 and 3+1 flat types are available. The apartments vary in size from 110 to 146 square meters, and the delivery is planned for 2017.

The project, which came to life with the slogan “You will never be bored in Vip Kurtköy”, attaches great importance to its social facilities as well as its architectural structure. In the project, where landscaping and social facilities are given importance, an area of ​​1,500 square meters is reserved for the social facility area.

Among the social opportunities of ViP Kurtköy; walking paths, outdoor children’s swimming pool, basketball, outdoor swimming pool, bicycle paths, football, volleyball court, waterfall, water channels, children’s playgrounds, two Turkish baths, two saunas, two indoor swimming pools, steam room, spa halls and two fitness centers. The project, which is close to all important centers in Kurtköy, has the advantage of alternative transportation to every part of the city, thanks to the transportation advantage of the region.