Via Garden Manolya

Via Garden Magnolia PROJECT FEATURES

The Via Garden Magnolia Project, implemented by Özkır İnşaat in Ankara Bağlıca, offers a new living space on an area of ​​7,310 square meters. Consisting of 2 blocks, the Via Garden Magnolia Project has a total of 41 flats. Apartments are 3+1 unit type and 160 square meters in size. Project; It was designed as a living room, kitchen, children’s room, study, dressing room, master bedroom, en-suite bathroom and general bathroom. The blocks have 10 floors and there are 2 flats on each floor. Via Garden Magnolia; It offers you a happier and more comfortable life with its children’s playgrounds, camellias, resting areas, walking areas, jogging track, hobby areas, basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court, indoor and outdoor parking lot, and 24/7 security.

Via Garden Magnolia Project is located on the Baglica Boulevard, where you can easily cross the Eskişehir road and which has become the region of Ankara with an increasing investment value day by day. It is 17 km from the center of Ankara, 5 km from the town of Etimesgut, and 3 km from the Çayyolu District. is at a distance. It is within walking distance to the Health Center, Pharmacy, Mosque, Kindergarten and Primary School. The project not only provides a quiet living space, but also offers the privilege of reaching all the energy of life quickly, as it is adjacent to Ümitköy and Çayyolu, Başkent University and shopping malls.

Vesta Güzelyalı


Vesta Güzelyalı project is rising by Atalay İnşaat within the borders of Mudanya district, one of the central regions of Bursa. The Vesta Güzelyalı project, which has been implemented in 3 blocks, offers an understanding of life consisting of residential and commercial units.

Vesta Güzelyalı Floor Plan

The Vesta Güzelyalı project consists of 48 flats and 2 shop units rising in 3 blocks. The apartments in the project offer 3 bedrooms, 1 living room and 5 bedrooms and 1 living room types. In the Vesta Güzelyalı project, 3+1 apartments are designed as 130 square meters and 5+1 duplexes are designed as 190-200 square meters.

Where is Vesta Guzelyali?

The Vesta Güzelyalı project, rising in the Mudanya – Güzelyalı planning region, is being implemented at a distance of 700 meters from the Güzelyalı ferry port and 250 meters from the Güzelyalı-Bursa highway road.

Vesta Güzelyalı Social Facilities

In the Vesta Güzelyalı project, social facilities such as children’s playgrounds, security, security with cameras and open car park are offered.

Vesta Güzelyalı Delivery Date

The flats of the Vesta Güzelyalı project are delivered immediately.