Arkat Green


The Arkat Green project, which will be built in Göynüklü, a district of Bursa’s Mudanya District, rises on a land of 11 thousand square meters. The Arkat Green project includes 36 4+1 duplex residences. The duplexes in the project were designed in size of 225 square meters. The 4+1 residences in the project can be arranged as 5+1 if desired.

All the rooms of the apartments in the Arkat Green project have a bathroom. There are also laundry and dressing rooms in the apartments. These rooms are added to the number of rooms in the apartments as an extra. Arkat Green project, which is very rich in terms of social reinforcement, has strong landscape areas. The project includes a swimming pool, playground, gym and camellias.

The Arkat Green project presents the sea view, one of its important features, to its buyers. The project also offers semi-covered parking for the vehicles of the owners. The project is expected to be completed in November 2018.