Vistahill Bodrum


The Vistahill Bodrum project is being implemented in the Bodrum region of Muğla with the signature of GBC İnşaat. The Vistahill Bodrum project, which draws attention with its boutique structure, offers a spacious life understanding with its sea view.

Vistahill Basement Floor Plan

Vistahill Bodrum project consists of 14 villas and 15 flats. While the apartments in the project are located in a total of 5 blocks as triple combined blocks, the villas are designed as 4+1 duplex and detached. Established on a land of 15,113 square meters, Vistahill Bodrum project has 1+1 apartments of 72 square meters, 2+1 apartments of 85 square meters, 3+1 apartments of 169 square meters and villas of 205 square meters.

Vistahill Bodrum Social Facilities

Social facilities in Vistahill Bodrum project are listed as outdoor swimming pool, children’s swimming pool, children’s playgrounds, sauna, fitness center, indoor parking.

Vistahill Bodrum Delivery Date

The deliveries of the Vistahill Bodrum project are made immediately.

Yaşam Park Konutları

Yaşam Park Residences PROJECT FEATURES

The Yaşam Park Residences project is being implemented by Özütaş İnşaat in the Anamur region of Mersin. Yaşam Park Residences, which will rise on a land area of ​​5,140 square meters, consists of both residences and commercial units.

Yaşam Park Residences Floor Plan

In the Yaşam Park Residences project, designed with a boutique concept, there are 49 residences and 6 commercial areas in addition to the residences. The apartments in the project are designed as 3 rooms, 1 living room and 4 rooms and 1 living room options. In the Yaşam Park Residences project, the size of the 3+1 apartments is 200 square meters, and the size of the 4+1 apartments is 240 square meters.

Yaşam Park Residences Social Facilities

In the Yaşam Park Residences project, there are social equipment areas such as walking track, indoor and outdoor fitness area, multi-purpose sports areas, children’s playgrounds, meeting and social activity areas for apartment owners.

Alfresco Evleri


The Alfresco Houses project is being implemented by Durukan İnşaat in Çukurova, one of the most popular residential areas of Adana. The Alfresco Houses project, implemented in the family concept, has a position overlooking the lake.

Alfresco Houses Floor Plan

The apartments in the Alfresco Houses project are designed as 2+1 duplex, 3+1 duplex floors and residences with terrace gardens. There are 16 residences in the Alfresco Houses project, where all apartments are designed with the concept of smart home. With the smart home technology in the project, the residents of the flats will be able to constantly monitor the safety and security of their homes.

Where are Alfresco Houses?

Alfresco Houses project Karslılar Mah. 82012. Sk. 01170 It rises in Çukurova/Adana locality. The project is located 1 minute away from the Sailing Club, Dam Zirve, Park Lake and Turgut Özal Boulevard.

Alfresco Houses Nearby

Among the hospitals close to the Alfresco Houses Project are Dermancan Medical Center, Nursing Homes Family Health Center, Seyhan Research and Practice Hospital, Fatma Kemal Timuçin Oral and Dental Health Hospital, Yaşam Medical Center, Avrupa Hospital, Dr. Ekrem Tok Mental Health Hospital, Deva Veterinary Medicine Center, Private Adana Medline Hospital, Adana Surgical Medical Center, Focus Medical Center, Private Epc Hospital, 80. Yıl Family Health Center, Güzelyalı Hospital, Dormitory Family Health Center, Dormitory 2 Family Health Center, There is a Family Health Center No. 2 in the Municipality Houses.

Schools close to the Alfresco Houses project are Doruk Temel High School Buhara Secondary School, Adana Anatolian Girls High School, Private Kuzey Adana Final Basic High School, Private School Çukurova Bilfen School, Necip Fazıl Kısakürek Primary School, Piri Reis Anatolian High School, Hacı Nazım Turgut Primary School, Kurttepe. Industrial Vocational High School, Nigahi Soykan Primary School, Adana Chamber of Physicians Primary School, İsmail Safa Özler Anatolian High School, Çukurova Electric Technical and Industrial Vocational High School, Agiad Secondary School, Adana BTU Foreign Language High School, Private Başkent Schools, Final Schools.

The project is also rising close to shopping centers such as CarrefourSA AVM, Forum Adana AVM, Çetinkaya and Portakal AVM.

Alfresco Houses Social Facilities

In the Alfresco Houses project, there are social facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, security, camera security and sun terrace.

Alfresco Homes Delivery Date

The delivery date of the Alfresco Houses project is stated as December 2018.

Villa Loca


Villa Loca project is being implemented by Yapıtek İnşaat in the Nilüfer region of Bursa. The project rises in Demirci, one of the rapidly increasing areas of Bursa, in a location on the central axis of the city but also away from the city noise.

Villa Loca Floor Plan

The Villa Loca project is rising on an area of ​​15 thousand square meters that will bring the forest and mountain view to the home of the owners. In the project, where there are 64 residences in total, the residences are designed as 4+1 duplexes to offer a spacious and comfortable life. The area size of the apartments in the project is determined as 300 square meters.

Where is Villa Loca?

The Villa Loca project is located in Demirci, a part of Bursa’s Nilüfer region. The project is located 10 minutes from Sur Yapı AVM, 40 minutes from Gököz, 40 minutes from Uludağ, 60 minutes from Su Uçtu, 15 minutes from Acıbadem Hospital and 15 minutes from Mihraplı Park.

Villa Loca Nearby

Among the hospitals close to the Villa Loca project are Şevket Yılmaz Hospital, Zekai Gümüşdiş Family Health Center, City Hospital, Ceylan International Hospital, Çekirge State Hospital Pilot Industry Dispensary, Burtom OSGB, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Family Health Center, Fresenius-Private FMC Bursa Dialysis Center, Akpınar Family Health Center, Private Labor Polyclinic, Bademli Health Center, Yenibağlar Family Health Center.

Among the schools close to the Villa Loca project are Eşref Ergin Secondary School, Side Nursery School, Bursa Children’s University, Martyr Gendarmerie Er Bahadır Aydın Secondary School, Mavi Dünya College, Private Şahinkaya College, TED Bursa College, Bilfen Bursa Campus, Doğa College, Seven Colored Çınar Schools, Private Tan Its schools include Ahmet Muharrem Uğur Primary School, Martyr Gendarmerie Sergeant Erman Aydın Secondary School, Fethiye Primary School, American Culture Colleges, Pilot Industry Primary School, Hexagon Şahinkaya, Emine Örnek College, Biltek College, Kültür Schools Bademli Campus, Atatürk Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School.

Among the shopping centers close to the Villa Loca project are Korupark, UMI Bazaar, Bamboo Park, Andalusian Park, Bademli Pandora, Turkuaz Plus Bazaar, Özdilek Bursa Geçit AVM, Agora and Turpa AVM.

Villa Loca Social Facilities

The Villa Loca project, which offers mountain and forest views to the residents, includes an indoor swimming pool, children’s playgrounds, cafe, security, camera security, indoor and outdoor parking.

Villa Loca Delivery Date

The housing deliveries of the Villa Loca project are made immediately.

Yelken Evleri


The Yelken Evleri project is being implemented in the Mudanya region of Bursa with the signature of Biz Grup İnşaat.

The project, where the apartments have a unique sea view, will be built on the coastline of Mudanya. The Yelken Evleri project, which will be located on a land of 11,682 square meters, draws attention with its luxury concept.

Yelken Evleri Floor Plan

In the Yelken Evleri project, where a boutique architecture is applied, there are a total of 88 residences, including 66 3+1 flats and 22 5+1 duplex flats. The 3+1 apartments in the project vary between 149 square meters and 171 square meters, while the 5+1 duplex apartments vary between 150 square meters and 172 square meters.

Where are Yelken Evleri?

The Yelken Evleri project rises on the coastline in the Mudanya district of Bursa. The project, which will be located on the Altınkum Beach, will be realized within walking distance of the sea buses.

Yelken Evleri Nearby

Among the hospitals close to the Yelken Evleri Mudanya project are Mudanya Biophysics Medical Center, Güzelyalı Asm, Prof. Dr. Eskisurmeli Polyclinic, Mudanya State Hospital, Güzelyalı Family Health Center. There are shopping malls Furpa, Mudanya Kirmasti Kervan AVM and Mudanya Dal Park AVM close to the Yelken Evleri Mudanya project.

Schools close to the Yelken Evleri Mudanya project Kültür Schools Bademli Campus, Mehmet Zeki Yazıcı Primary School, Göynüklü, Seven Colored Çınar Schools, Mudanya Imam Hatip College, Private Yedi Colored Çınar College Bademli Campus, Bahçeşehir College, Private Bursa Culture Schools Bademli Campus, Atatürk Secondary School, Hazar College, Mudanya Imam Hatip Secondary School, Armistice Primary School, Güzelyalı Primary School, 12 Eylül Primary School, Hatice-İsmail Hakkı Kayan Secondary School, Mehmet Zeki Yazıcı Secondary School, Hatice İsmail Hakkı Kayan Secondary School, Mudanya Anatolian Imam Hatip High School, Cafer Yener Primary School.

Yelken Evleri Social Facilities

The Yelken Evleri project, which has a wide range of options in terms of social equipment, includes indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness center, sauna, Turkish bath and children’s playgrounds, security and parking lot.

Yelken Evleri Delivery Date

Deliveries of the Yelken Evleri project are made immediately.

Wen Levent Residence

Wen Levent Residence PROJECT FEATURES

The Wen Levent Residence project is being implemented by GENER İnşaat, founded by GENYAP and Erdem İnşaat. An unmissable investment opportunity awaits you in the Wen Levent Residence project, which brings Istanbul under your feet with its central location.

Wen Levent Residence Floor Plan

Combining luxury and comfort, Wen Levent Residence offers its investors a pleasant living space in the center of the city without missing any details about life. The residences in the project, which rises on an area of ​​1,200 thousand square meters and has a total construction area of ​​​​14 thousand square meters, consist of 1 + 1, 1 + 1 intermediate duplex, 2 + 1 and 2 + 1 roof duplexes. Wen Levent Residence, which has 500 meters of green space and is dominated by contemporary architecture, offers an elite living atmosphere to the investors by working with quality brands in the interior and exterior decorations. The residences in the Wen Levent Residence project, which consists of 126 flats in a single 14-floor block, offer their owners; The intercom system is delivered with Franke brand triple built-in sets and luxury sanitary ware.

Where is Wen Levent Residence?

Wen Levent Residence, which draws attention with its location advantage, is also very close to the shopping malls such as Kanyon, Özdilek and Metro City in the region and to the 4th Levent metro stop. The project also draws attention with its proximity to the Istanbul Sapphire tower. Thanks to its central location, the Wen Levent Residence project provides its investors with a profitable investment alternative as well as a pleasant life.

Wen Levent Residence Social Facilities

Wen Levent Residence attracts the attention of investors with its modern form of exterior architecture, functional design, wide social facilities, reception and concierge services as well as its interior equipment and design. In addition to residence services, the project offers its investors a more active social life with its facilities; There are fitness center, indoor pool, parking for 1 vehicle for each flat, restaurant with garden, children’s playground and hobby rooms.

Wen Levent Residence Delivery Date

Deliveries of the Wen Levent Residence project are scheduled for September 2020.

Vue Mer Daca


Vue Mer Daça project is rising in Bostancı, the most popular region of Istanbul, with the signature of Daça İnşaat. Rising on a thousand square meters of land, the project consists of 26 residences designed as 2+1 and 3+1, varying in size from 113 to 230 square meters. In the project, which also includes duplex buildings, there is also a double-floor parking lot. Located 100 meters from the newly built Bostancı metro and only 250 meters from the Bostancı pier, the Vue Mer Daça project offers a magnificent view with its unique location, the Islands and the sea view. Rising as a single block consisting of 6 floors, the project has only 4 apartments on each floor. The project, which has a floor height of 3 meters and 30 centimeters, creates large and spacious living spaces. The project promises a comfortable life with its technical equipment and a safe life with its infrastructure in compliance with earthquake regulations.