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Resim Modern Kağıthane

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Picture Modern project, which was established in Kağıthane on the European side of Istanbul, bears the signature of Ortadoğu Group. Within the scope of the project, 335 residences are being built.

1+1 and 2+1 flats are offered to investors in the Resim Modern project, where the construction works are ongoing. While the sizes of the residences in the project vary between 52 square meters and 92 square meters, modern lines are used in the design lines.

Picture Modern project, established in Kagithane’s Talatpasa District, provides a great advantage to its investors with its location. The project, which draws attention with its proximity to important points of Istanbul trade life such as Levent, Maslak, and 4. Levent; It is 3 kilometers from Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey metro station, 2 kilometers from Beşiktaş-Kağıthane Tunnel, 6 kilometers from TEM Okmeydanı-Hasdal Connection Road, and 15 minutes from Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge.

Asmin Trio


The Asmin Trio project was implemented by Asmin Yapı in the Mezitli region of Mersin.

Asmin Trio Floor Plan

The Asmin Trio project is rising on a total construction plot of 4,300 square meters, consisting of 3 blocks. The A Block in the project is designed to consist of ground + 11 floors, B Block ground + 11 floors, and C Block ground + 12 floors. There are a total of 328 residences in the project, where there are 2 bedroom, 1 living room and 3 bedroom, 1 living room types and 2 flats on each floor.

Asmin Trio Social Facilities

The apartments of the Asmin Trio project have an en-suite bathroom and a private dressing room. The project also includes units such as camera security and parking.

Asmin Trio Delivery Date

The deliveries of the Asmin Trio project are made immediately.



Viyakent project Kopuz Gayrimenkul Yatırım A.Ş. It is being implemented within the borders of Merkez Fener District of Rize. The project, which is designed to consist of two blocks, opens the doors of a peaceful family life away from the busyness of the city.

Viyakent Floor Plan

The Viyakent project, which was built on a land of 6 thousand square meters, consists of 114 flats in total. The residences in the project consist of 2 rooms 1 living room, 3 rooms 1 living room and 4 rooms 1 living room options. The 2+1 apartments in the Viyakent project have an area of ​​114 to 146 square meters, the 3+1 apartments 136 to 156 square meters and the 4+1 apartments have an area of ​​180 to 182 square meters.

Where is Viyakent?

The Viyakent project, which has unobstructed mountain and sea views, rises within the borders of Fener District, which is among the central regions of Rize. The project is located 2 km from the city center, 100 meters from the Rectorate of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University, and 200 meters from the coastal road.

Viyakent Social Facilities

Social equipment areas such as indoor swimming pool, children’s playground, fitness center, security, sauna, camera security, football field, camellia, volleyball court, indoor parking are offered to apartment owners in the Viyakent project.

Viyakent Delivery Date

The flats of the Viyakent project are delivered immediately.

Atrium Terrace


The Atrium Terrace project is being implemented by Üstün Yapı in the Efeler region of Aydın. The Atrium Terrace project, designed in a family concept, impresses with its spacious architecture and location.

Atrium Terrace Floor Plan

The Atrium Terrace project is being built on a plot of 12 thousand square meters in the Efeler region of Aydın. The Atrium Terrace project, which consists of a total of 134 apartments, has 4 commercial units as well as residences. The options of the residences in the project are listed as 2 rooms 1 living room, 3 rooms 1 living room and 4 rooms 1 living room. A residence life beyond the ordinary prevails in the project, which offers a spacious life to the flat owners with its carefully designed horizontal architecture.

Where is Atrium Terrace?

From Atrium Terrace project, the city center is 3 minutes, maternity hospital 3 minutes, Aydın City Hospital 5 minutes, Forum Aydın AVM 5 minutes, the courthouse to be built 3 minutes, highway connection 4 minutes, university hospital 15 minutes, university campus 15 minutes, the bus terminal rises 10 minutes away.

Atrium Terrace Social Facilities

Atrium Terrace project, which impresses with its social facilities, has a parking lot with a capacity of 140 vehicles, a playground, game rooms, indoor and outdoor adult pool, indoor and outdoor children’s pool, tennis court, walking and jogging track, cinema and meeting room, table tennis, billiards, Turkish It has a Turkish bath, billiard room, fitness room, basketball court and vitamin bar.

Atrium Terrace Delivery Date

In the Atrium Terrace project, the delivery of apartments is planned to be made on 30 December 2020.

Yonca Sitesi Gebze


Yonca Sitesi Gebze project is being implemented by Gülman Group in a family concept in Gebze.

Yonca Site Gebze Floor Plan

Yonca Sitesi Gebze project, which has an architectural design suitable for family life, consists of 4 blocks and 60 flats. The residences in the project are listed as 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 reverse and roof duplexes and 2+1 flats are between 90 square meters and 110 square meters, 3+1 flats are between 110 square meters and 185 square meters, 4+1 opposite duplexes Between 185 square meters and 191 square meters, 4+1 roof duplexes are designed as 207 square meters.

Yonca Site Gebze Social Facilities

The social equipment areas in the Yonca Sitesi Gebze project are listed as children’s playgrounds, football field, basketball court, tennis court, camellia and indoor parking lot.

Yonca Site Gebze Delivery Date

The housing deliveries of the Yonca Sitesi Gebze project are made immediately.

Yusuf Baysal Residence

Yusuf Baysal Residence PROJECT FEATURES

Yusuf Baysal Residence project is being implemented by Yusuf Baysal İnşaat in the Kozan region of Adana. Rising on a land of 24 thousand 586 square meters, the project is designed to consist of 7 blocks.

Yusuf Baysal Residence Floor Plan

The Yusuf Baysal Residence project, designed in a concept that will appeal to the family, includes apartment alternatives consisting of 2 rooms, 1 living room and 4 rooms and 1 living room. The areas of the 2 bedroom and 1 living room apartments in the project are between 9 and 130 square meters, and the areas of the 4 bedroom and 1 living room apartments are 202 square meters. There are 420 flats in total in the project.

Where is Yusuf Baysal Residence?

The open address of the Yusuf Baysal Residence project is stated as Şevkiye Mah., Kozan, Adana. The project, which is located in Adana Kozan District as a location, facilitates the transportation of the flat owners and offers a profitable investment to the homeowners.

Yusuf Baysal Residence Nearby

Yusuf Baysal Residence project rises in the Koza region, which is located between the central axes of Adana. The project, which offers a high quality of life, makes it easy to reach many health institutions, educational institutions and shopping centers thanks to its central location advantage.

Yusuf Baysal Residence Social Facilities

In the project, all facilities are considered for the comfort of the apartment owners. In the Yusuf Baysal Residence project, which also includes privileges such as satellite TV, wireless internet, generator and fire escape within the building, swimming pool, children’s pool, sitting garden, basketball-volleyball court, tennis court, racquetball, table tennis, walking track, flower islands, Privileges such as modern landscaping and fitness center are offered.

Yusuf Baysal Residence Delivery Date

The apartments in the Yusuf Baysal Residence project are delivered immediately.

Avcılar Office 10

Avcılar Office 10 PROJECT FEATURES

Avcılar Office 10 project is being implemented by Avcılar İnşaat in Bayraklı district of İzmir. The Avcılar Office 10 project, designed to consist of a single tower, rises with 20 floors. Avcılar Office 10 project has a height of 55 meters.

The Avcılar Office 10 project, with an investment value of 100 million dollars, is aimed to be put on sale in the near future. Avcılar Office 10 delivery date is stated as 24 months.

The Avcılar Office 10 project, which was implemented with the slogan “The number 10 of the business world is going down to the field”, will be built in Bayraklı, just across the Palace of Justice.
In the Avcılar Office 10 project, the works of which have started, a mixed life concept consisting of residences and shopping areas as well as offices is being implemented.

Yenitepe İzmir


The Yenitepe İzmir project, which was implemented with the cooperation of Nuhoğlu İnşaat, Aybar İnşaat and Infrastructure and Superstructure Construction, is being implemented in Konak, one of the most popular regions of İzmir. There are 1,533 flats in the project with a land area of 55 thousand square meters.

The apartments in the Yenitepe Izmir project, rising as 20 blocks, have 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 options. In addition to residences, there are 25 commercial units in the project. The project, which provides ease of transportation to the residents due to its location, also includes a swimming pool, indoor and outdoor parking lot, children’s playgrounds, fitness center, children’s playgrounds, basketball court and many other social facilities.

Yenitepe İzmir project, which is located in Aktepe region as a location, rises only 10 minutes away from the airport.

Yücesoy Mahalle

Yücesoy Neighborhood  PROJECT FEATURES

Yücesoy Mahalle project is rising in İzmir Menemen with the signature of Yücesoy Engineering. Established on a land area of 3,500 square meters, the project consists of 70 apartments designed as 2+1, 2+1 duplex, 3+1, 3+1 duplex and 4+1 duplex, varying in size from 64 to 149 square meters. The project, which is planned to be delivered at the end of 2017, consists of 3 blocks with 4 and 5 floors.

The social privileges of the project, which opens the doors of a comfortable life with its safe infrastructure and technical equipment in accordance with earthquake regulations, include an outdoor swimming pool, children’s playgrounds, walking track, sunbathing terrace, security and security with cameras.

Yücesoy Statü


Yücesoy Status project is being implemented by Yücesoy Engineering in İzmir Ulukent-Menemen district. The Yücesoy Status project, located in the Ulukent region of İzmir, whose value is increasing gradually, will be built on a land of 11 thousand square meters. In addition to the residences, the project consists of 242 flats in total and 19 shops in the concept of a bazaar.

In the Yücesoy Statü project, which has wide apartment alternatives, there are 6 types of housing options designed as 1 room 1 living room, 2 rooms 1 living room, 3 rooms 1 living room, 3 rooms 1 living room plus, 4 rooms 1 living room and loft type. The area sizes of the apartments in the Yücesoy Status project vary between 48 square meters and 350 square meters.

The social facilities in the Yücesoy Status project, which has 4 blocks, offer a luxurious and comfortable life to the homeowners. The project includes a spa, Turkish bath, fitness, 4 swimming pools, walking track and a bazaar area with commercial units.

There is a double-storey indoor car park in the Yücesoy Status project, where 1 car parking space is offered for each flat. The project is scheduled to be completed and delivered in December 2019.