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When it comes to sightseeing, over 500 cities to visit in Turkey provide you with a lot of choice. We have listed our top five best cities...

The Best Cities to Visit in Turkey

In the case of sightseeing, over 500 cities to visit in Turkey offer you a number of selection. Working your means via all these metropolises will take a lifetime however

Trabzon: The Gem of Turkey’s Northeast

Trabzon: The Gem of Turkey’s Northeast . Travellers and adventurers who’ve uninterested in the favorite hotspots of the West and South Coasts of  Turkey might be greater than enchanted by


Trabzon is a city in Turkey that has a coast on the Black Sea. It is located between the Black Sea coast and the Eastern Black Sea Mountains and occupies a small area in terms of surface area. Trabzon is known as the “city of princes” together with the two provinces.

The city became a provincial center during the Roman Empire and Ottoman periods. The city, which was the capital of a Greek empire in the Middle Ages, hosts many historical buildings as well as natural beauties. Sümela Monastery, Hagia Sophia Museum, Kaymaklı Monastery, Gregorios Peristera Monastery, Vazelon Monastery are some of the works from these periods.

According to Eusebius, the city was founded in 756 BC. This claim makes Trabzon an older city than Istanbul, Rome or even Sinop.

The pearl of the Black Sea, the host of natural beauties admire by the whole world… Trabzon is a city with highlands and historical places where flavors from the bosom of nature are crown, greenery is everywhere you look. The city is at the center of attention of many tourists, both domestic and foreign, despite the precipitation in all four seasons.

Trabzon stands out most with its magnificent breakfast tables, its architecture and monasteries that arouse curiosity with its deep-root past. And Trabzon highlands, where thousands of shades of green can be see.

The city was the capital of the Trabzon Greek Empire, which lived for more than 200 years until 1461. It is a very valuable place in terms of history. Especially when you see the Sumela Monastery, one is speechless. While passing through Zigana under the snow, one’s heart speeds up and the colors of autumn are enchanting.


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