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Head for Sovalye Island in the Gulf of Fethiye

The island of Sovalye, simply minutes from Fethiye City however superb in its isolation, might not be for every body. With no roads, no outlets and positively no comfortable hour
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Sovalye island is an oasis of calm -and a rather convenient one at that, being so close to Fethiye port. The island is crisscross, with paths

Spend a day on Sovalye Island

It takes Simply 20 minutes to go away the hustle and bustle of Fethiye centre and step into the tranquility of one other world. With no roads and no automobiles

Knight Island

Fethiye is one of the most important tourism paradises not only in Muğla but also in our country and even in the world. Especially in the summer months, Fethiye, whose population exceeds a million, has many historical and natural beauties. Sovalye Island in Fethiye, which has always been use as the center of civilizations with its climate conditions and location, is just one of these beauties.

Also know as Fethiye Island and Megri Island by the locals, this small island attracts a lot of attention with its long and thin structure. Sovalye Island, which acts as a gate, has always protecte the district with this feature. Şövalye Island, which is the only island in the Fethiye region with a settlement on it, is connect to the Karagözler District.

Knight Island History

The reason why his name is Knight is the famous Rhodes knights. Famous knights lived in this region, established settlements and used this place as a base. It is possible to come across the remains of the Rhodes Knights on the island. The island, which has a very extensive history, has been used by almost all civilizations. Due to the feature of protecting Fethiye; the Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans always wanted and always wanted to dominate the region.

What to do on Knight Island?

In addition to summer houses, there are also hotels design for accommodation needs on the region; which is a 1st degree protect area. There are also picnic areas where daily visitors can spend pleasant time with their families and loved ones. One of the most important features of Knight Island is that there is always a breeze, even in the scorching heat of the summer. For this reason, it is almost flooded by foreign tourists, especially in July and August.


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