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turkey is

​The History and Culture of Turkey is

Turkey is among the earliest lands inhabited by people. This provides Turkey a singular panorama of cultures and historical past over the centuries. The twentieth century noticed a shift from

Architectural Styles of Turkey Ottomans to today

Turkish structure will be divided into three fundamental intervals and types on the easiest stage. Unique, or Ottomans structure is one interval and it prolonged for a whole bunch of
Topkapi Palace is more than just an incredible building. Designed by a young conqueror, it was home to a long procession of Ottomans...

Topkapi Palace: seat of an empire

Topkapi Palace is extra than simply an unbelievable constructing. Designed by a younger conqueror, it was house to an extended procession of Ottomans over virtually 4 centuries and the backdrop

Enjoy some Greek in Turkey from Bodrum to Kayakoy

Turkey has a rich history and tradition. For several years, it has been under the ottoman empire, which is now the territory of Turkey, until the addition of grains, along
Ottoman empire people were skilled lighters, but also liked to indulge in creative outlets such as cuisine, art, architecture and music.

Life in the Ottoman Empire Courts

About Turkey The historic timeline of Turkey is actually vibrant, extraordinarily numerous, at instances heart-breaking and on different events a celebration of civilisations. Certainly, travelers with an interest in rustic


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