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When discovering what the best Mugla beaches are, one thing Is guaranteed. You will have loads of choices.

Best Mugla Beaches

When discovering what the very best Mugla beaches are, one factor Is assured. You should have a great deal of decisions. Anybody conversant in Turkey will say this Isn’t a


Mugla is a Turkish city in the Aegean Region, a small part of which falls within the Mediterranean Region. Ortaca, Dalaman, Köyceğiz, Fethiye, Marmaris, Milas, Datça and Bodrum is a famous settlement with holiday destinations. There are 13 districts in the province.

Mugla, one of the oldest settlements of the ancient Caria region, was originally the Carians, the indigenous people of Anatolia. Then it was invade by Egypt, Assyria, Scythians and from time to time Hellenistic.

It is very beautiful due to its location in the Aegean region and its geographical location. Although it is one of the paradise cities of Turkey, it is at the top of the places where you want to live, especially in retirement. This city, which has a very rich culture since the first ages, also contains many historical buildings and these have survive to the present day and have been reveal to us.

Located right in the center of Muğla city, Muğla Museum is a museum that takes you back to the first ages. Because all the structures and items exhibited in it are from the first ages; but they are in a very artistic structure.

Ula Pond, which is a beautiful natural wonder located in the Ula district of Muğla, is a place for nature lovers. It also opens the doors of magnificent camps to its visitors. It has recently been restore and turn into a magnificent nature park. In this way, it attracts many tourists.

Saklıkent Canyon, known as Turkey’s longest canyon, is also located in Muğla. It can be said that the canyon is the most beautiful natural wonder of the region.
The Lycian Way, which is one of Turkey’s first and the world’s top 10 long-distance walking routes, is also in Muğla.


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