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Patara: the shifting sands of an ancient Lycian civilisation

Stretching alongside eleven miles of shoreline, Patara Is Turkey’s longest seaside. Due to the placing Lycian ruins and the annual visits of the endangered Loggerhead turtle, the placing expanse of


Kaş is one of the leading centers in Turkey, especially in terms of diver tourism. Kas, which is the closest point to Meis Island, has an important tourism potential with its historical monuments and natural beauties. There are hotels build recently on the Çukurbağ Peninsula, which stretches out to the sea like a tongue. It is possible to swim in the Big Pebble Beach, Small Pebble Beach and Akçagerme Beach in Kas, and at Hidayet’in Bay. You can also go to Limanağzı beach by boat.

Of the 6 caves around Kas, 18 km from Kas. Blue Cave, Aşirlı Island Sea Cave, and Güvercinlik Cave, which is famous for its pigeons, are the most famous ones.

Together with the growing tourism actions in Kaş, nature sports activities corresponding to trekking, mountaineering and rafting are additionally growing. Yeşilgöl and Uçarsu Waterfalls in Gömbe are natural areas that attract tourists.

Komba ancient city in Gömbe and 13 km from here. away from the ancient city of Nisa. There’s additionally the traditional metropolis of Kandyba in Kas. The ancient city of Phellos is located 12 km from Kas.

Diving and paragliding are among the leading sports in the district. It is consider to be the best diving site in Turkey. With 18 dive centers, it is the holiday region with the most diving centers in Turkey.

It is an important point in Turkey in terms of underwater natural and historical values. For this reason, underwater ecology, cave science and archeology researches have been carry out in the region since 2003. An important initiative in underwater archeology is the Kaş Archeopark Experimental Archeology Project, which was held in Hidayet Bay in October 2006.



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