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Ottoman empire people were skilled lighters, but also liked to indulge in creative outlets such as cuisine, art, architecture and music.

Life in the Ottoman Empire Courts

About Turkey The historic timeline of Turkey is actually vibrant, extraordinarily numerous, at instances heart-breaking and on different events a celebration of civilisations. Certainly, travelers with an interest in rustic
We have unearthed just a few historic treasures to be discovered nicely off the overwhelmed observe On this unimaginable nation.

Three Unknown Historic Turkish Treasures

Turkey is filled with historic treasures. Whilst you would possibly know of Ephesus, or have seen the ruins at Aspect or Patara, there are many sites that only a few
Mark Twain

Mark Twain in Turkey

Mark Twain is among the most well-known authors to have ever lived. His writing has moved folks from many generations and earned him the title as achieved creator and the
Pink, yellow, filled with no, coated with sugar - however you like it, sweet, sticky Turkish delight or lokum Is renowned across the globe.

Lokum ‘s sweet history

Pink, yellow or inexperienced, stuffed with no, coated with sugar – nevertheless you prefer it, candy, sticky Turkish delight or lokum Is famend throughout the globe. This decadent candy dates
While we can list many things, it s hard to define precisely what is special about Turkey. It is a combination of qualities...

5 Unique Things that Make Turkey Special

Whereas we will record many issues, it s exhausting to outline exactly what’s special about Turkey. It’s a mixture of qualities, however each foreigner who visits this nation picks up
Fethiye. It's home to the majestic Fethiye Rock Tombs, plenty of boat trips, beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, beautiful Fethlye villas and much more.

Britain’s love with Fethiye

British expat Nicola Wilson traded her life in Wiltshire about 16 years in the past for the solar, good meals and the relaxed life-style on Turkeys Mediterranean. The businesswoman and

Baklava: The Sweetest Delight and the National Dessert of Turkey

Baklava, a candy dish typically served as a dessert or snack, Is by far the preferred candy merchandise In Turkey, even outweighing the well-known Turkish delight. Rigorously baked utilizing filo

Istiklal Caddesi: A Guide To Turkey’s Busiest Street

Istanbul Is an Internationally well-known historic assortment of well-known landmarks from the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire, but the busy metropolis Is about rather more than that. Within the new half,
If you find yourself unlucky in love, business or just day to day living, buy a blue evil eye in Turkey, also called a Nazar Boncuk.

The Blue Evil Eye in Turkey

If you end up unfortunate in love, enterprise or simply everyday residing, purchase a blue evil eye in Turkey, additionally referred to as a Nazar Boncuk. Stated to beat back

A tale of blood and slaughter: the fall of Constantinople

A tale of blood and slaughter: the fall of Constantinople.. at dawn the Turks entered the town close to San Romano, the place the partitions had been razed to the


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