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Uncovering Bolu’s hidden delights

Identified for its dense forests, enchanting scorching springs and exquisite environment, untouristed Bolu in Turkey’s northwest is one among Turkey’s most promising provinces for these searching for a getaway in

Gorgeous Lake of Turkey from the East to the West

Lake are a scenic place of beauty, where flora and fauna thrive, and an idyllic retreat for humans from the hustle and bustle of the 21st century. The country of

B.C. Within the 1200s, Bolu, like all Hittite lands, was within the arms of the Phrygians. B.C. Within the sixth century, the Persians dominated the area. B.C. In 336, Alexander the Great defeated the Persians and captured city, like many other parts of Anatolia. When Macedonia collapsed upon the death of Alexander the Great, the Kingdom of Bithynia was establishe in the Bolu region.

When Macedonia collapse upon the death of Alexander the Great, the Kingdom of Bithynia was establish in the Bolu region. According to the archaeological artifacts and historical sources from that period, the people who settle in the arc of Sakarya and Filyos Rivers at the end of the Thracian migrations were calle “Bithyn”. That’s why Northwest Anatolia, including Bolu, was call “Bithynia”. Bolu Plain and its surroundings, call Salonia Campus by the Bithyns, were change to “Claudio Polis” by the Romans.

Also it is thought that the name Bolu comes from “Police”. The city, which was build on three hills, had inner and outer walls. Remains of these walls can be see in the Carpet Fortress area in the north of the city. According to another rumor, the region was name “Bol Uluğ” in the past, and in time “BOLU” due to the abundance of Uluğ – Scholar in the region during the Ottoman period.

Bolu, which is almost a paradise for nature lovers, has a different beauty for everyone with its fascinating nature parks, especially Yedigöller National Park and Abant Lake, quality ski resorts that are completely full in winter, world-famous local flavors and thousands of years old historical treasures. You can explore this city, which attracts photographers and campers from all over the world with its untouched natural beauties, both with nature trips and historical and cultural tours.


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