Niğde Emlak Konutları opens the doors of a comfortable life to its owners.

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The Niğde Emlak Konutları project is being implemented with the family concept in the center of Niğde, with the signature of Emlak Konut.

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About the project

Niğde Emlak Konutları PROJECT FEATURES

With the signature of Emlak Konut, the Niğde Emlak Konutları project is being implemented in the center of Niğde and in a family concept.

Nigde Real Estate Houses Floor Plan

Niğde Emlak Konutları project, built on a land of 25 thousand 643 square meters, consists of 349 flats. The flats in the project consist of 2 rooms 1 living room, 3 rooms 1 living room and 4 rooms 1 living room types, varying between 117 square meters and 199 square meters in gross. The Niğde Emlak Konutları project, which consists of 16 stores in addition to the residences, has been designed for you and your loved ones to meet all your needs of modern life. A prestigious life concept is offered in Niğde Emlak Konutları, where traditional family life and neighborhood stand out.

Where is Nigde Emlak Konutları?

The Niğde Emlak Konutları project, which draws attention with its central location, facilitates the transportation of the homeowners with its distance of 4.1 kilometers to Niğde Stadium, 4.2 kilometers to Niğde village station and 4.6 kilometers to Niğde train station. Thanks to the project location, it also promises a lot of profit for the investors.

Niğde Emlak Konutları Social Facilities

Niğde Emlak Konutları project, 70 percent of which is designed as green space and special landscape, opens the doors of a comfortable life to the owners with its social reinforcement areas. The social equipment areas in the project are listed as a playground for children, an ornamental pool, sitting elements, pergolas, walking paths, and various social and sports activity areas. The social facility in the Niğde Emlak Konutları project connects the two levels of the campus. In this way, while the social and sporting needs of the entire campus are met in a common area, it becomes the meeting point of the neighboring residents of the project.

Niğde Real Estate Houses Delivery Date

In the Niğde Emlak Konutları project, where life began, the apartments are delivered immediately.

In the Elit 360 project, there is a fitness center, children’s playgrounds, basketball and volleyball courts, security and parking area for the flat owners.

The apartment owners who will live in the Kentpark Panorama Houses project are offered social facilities such as children’s playgrounds, security, camera security, outdoor parking, indoor parking and central satellite system.


The total construction area of the project is stated as 19 thousand square meters. In the Fergül Center project, which houses a total of 186 apartments and 15 shops, there is an indoor parking lot for the use of the residents.


It opens the doors of a comfortable life with its social facilities. The project includes social facilities such as a children’s playground, fitness center, basketball court, ornamental pool, indoor and outdoor parking lot.

Among the social facilities offered in Arbetta Complexia Datça project, outdoor swimming pool, children’s swimming pool, children’s playgrounds, cafe, security, camera security, basketball court, tennis court, sea view, forest view, indoor parking lot, walking track, sun terrace and amphitheater exists.

In the Sarsala Mansions project, social facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, children’s swimming pool, security service, camellia, outdoor parking lot and sun terrace are offered.

In the Myra Park Friends Fethiye project, where a social life is offered for the residents of the site, there are social facilities such as sauna, massage parlor, fitness center, cafe, market, kindergarten, swimming pool and children’s pool.

Terrace Life project, which has a sea view, has security, camera security, outdoor parking, walking track and ornamental pool.

Among the social privileges of the project, there are outdoor and indoor swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, fitness, SPA and sauna, kindergarten, basketball, football and volleyball courts, tennis court, pond, marina, sea view, ornamental pool and sun terrace.

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