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Trabzon Marin City

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Marin City project aspires to be the most different, biggest and most prestigious in Trabzon.

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Trabzon Marin City project, implemented in Yomra region of Trabzon, is rising by Özgün Gıda…

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About the project


Trabzon Marin City project, which has been implemented in the Yomra region of Trabzon, is rising by Özgün Gıda.

Marin City, which is the candidate to be the most different, largest and most prestigious project of Trabzon, is rising in the pearl of Trabzon, Yomra-Kaşüstü region. There are 697 residences in total in the Trabzon Marin City project, which is planned to be put up for sale as of October.

The rough construction of the project, which was built entirely with the equity capital of the company, has been completed and is now in the fine construction phase.

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