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Seyirtepe Konakları

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Seyirtepe Konakları opens the doors of a very profitable investment.

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The Seyirtepe Mansions project, implemented by Lik Yapı, rises in the Mudanya district of Bursa.

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About the project

Seyirtepe Konakları PROJECT FEATURES

The Seyirtepe Mansions project, implemented by Lik Yapı, rises in the Mudanya district of Bursa.

Seyirtepe Mansions Floor Plan

The project, of which 21 thousand 360 square meters is located as a building residence area, has a total of 35 thousand square meters of land. There are 402 flats in the Seyirtepe Mansions project, which consists of 32 blocks in total. In the project, which has a green area of ​​16,500 square meters, there are 2+1s of 99 square meters and 3+1s of 159 square meters, while there are housing types consisting of 3+2 and 4+2 apartments whose sizes reach 198 square meters.

Where is Seyirtepe Mansions?

Seyirtepe Mansions project is rising in Mudanya district, which is among the favorite regions of Bursa. The project, which rises at the junction of the İDO Ferry Pier, offers easy access to many central points due to its location, while also opening the doors of an investment that will bring a lot of profit.

Seyirtepe Mansions Nearby

Seyirtepe Konakları, which provides great convenience in transportation thanks to its central location, 5 minutes to Güzelyalı beach and IDO Ferry Port, 10 minutes to Mudanya beach and BUDO Ferry Port, 17 minutes to Korupark and Andalusian Park Shopping Center, to Uludağ, where you can reach both by cable car and by car. hours away. You can reach Istanbul in 1 hour by car by using the Mudanya-Bursa highway and Osmangazi Bridge, right next to Seyirtepe Mansions, which are 20 minutes away from almost all central locations of Bursa. It is possible to reach Istanbul from the project in 1.5 hours with the ferry departing from Güzelyalı and in 1.5 hours with the ferry departing from Mudanya.

Seyirtepe Mansions Social Facilities

In the Seyirtepe Mansions project, which invites you to a brand new city with its sea view apartments, large green areas intertwined with olive groves and large social facilities in the complex, each flat has an allotted parking garage, one semi-Olympic, two swimming pools, a children’s club, indoor and outdoor playgrounds. areas, indoor swimming pool, sauna and Turkish bath, gym, walking track and commercial areas where you can easily meet your daily needs.

Seyirtepe Mansions Delivery Date

The flats of Seyirtepe Konakları are planned to be delivered in September 2020.

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