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Panula Balat

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Panula Balat draws attention with its architecture and concept

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Panula Balat project rising in Nilüfer district, one of the favorite residential areas of Bursa, bears the signature of Detay İnşaat.

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About the project


Panula Balat project rising in Nilüfer district, one of the favorite residential areas of Bursa, bears the signature of Detay İnşaat. The project, which draws attention with its architecture and concept, is built in 5 blocks consisting of 7 floors each.

Panula Balat Floor Plan

Panula Balat project, rising on an area of ​​32 thousand 450 square meters, consists of a family concept consisting of 5 blocks and a total of 210 apartments. There are different housing options in the project, ranging from 2+1 to 5+1, varying between 141 square meters and 440 square meters. In addition to the residences, the project also includes 50 commercial units with shopping mall concept.

Where is Panula Balat?

The Panula Balat project is being implemented in the borders of Balat, one of the most popular districts of the Nilüfer region. With its close location to the city hospital where the project is planned to be built, it both facilitates the transportation of the homeowners and has a high premium potential.

Panula Balat Neighborhood

Among the hospitals close to the Panula Balat project are Şevket Yılmaz Hospital, Zekai Gümüşdiş Family Health Center, City Hospital, Ceylan International Hospital, Çekirge State Hospital Pilot Industry Dispensary, Burtom OSGB, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Family Health Center, Fresenius-Private FMC Bursa Dialysis Center, Akpınar Family Health Center, Private Labor Polyclinic, Almond Health Center, Yenibağlar Family Health Center

The schools close to the Panula Balat project are Eşref Ergin Secondary School, Side Nursery School, Bursa Children’s University, Martyr Gendarmerie Er Bahadır Aydın Secondary School, Mavi Dünya College, Private Şahinkaya College, TED Bursa College, Bilfen Bursa Campus, Doğa College, Seven Colored Çınar Schools, Private Tan. Schools, Ahmet Muharrem Uğur Primary School, Martyr Gendarmerie Sergeant Erman Aydın Secondary School, Fethiye Primary School, American Culture Colleges, Pilot Industry Primary School, Hexagon Şahinkaya, Emine Örnek College, Biltek College, Kültür Schools Bademli Campus, Atatürk Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School,

Among the shopping centers close to the Panula Balat project are Korupark, UMI BAZAAR, Bamboo Park, Andalusian Park, Bademli Pandora, Turkuaz Plus Bazaar, Özdilek Bursa Geçit AVM, Agora, Turpa AVM.

Panula Balat Social Facilities

In the Panula Balat project, facilities such as a gym, basketball court, sauna, massage, cafeteria, children’s playgrounds, indoor swimming pool are offered for the flat owners.

Panula Balat Delivery Date

The Panula Balat project will be delivered in January 2020.

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