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Lema Evleri

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Enroy İnşaat ve Karpet İnşaat ortaklığı ile hayata geçirilen Lema Evleri projesi Ankara’nın Keçiören bölgesinde yükseliyor.

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In the Lema Evleri project, where security is kept at a high level, there are security measures such as controlled entrances, 24-hour live and camera security, and video intercom system.

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About the project


The Lema Houses project, implemented with the partnership of Enroy İnşaat and Karpet İnşaat, is rising in the Keçiören region of Ankara. In the Lema Houses project, where luxury and comfort are brought together in every detail, there are useful and privileged living spaces designed with a contemporary architectural approach, which will raise your quality and standards of life.

Lema Houses Floor Plan

The Lema Houses project makes a difference with its modern design, technology and line that integrates comfortable spaces at all times. In the Lema Houses project, which combines a modern style with comfort, a privileged life understanding far from monotony prevails in every corner from the lobby to the halls, from the interiors to the social areas.

Where are Lema Houses?

The Lema Houses project is being implemented within the borders of Keçiören district, one of the regions of Ankara that gains value. The open address of the Lema Houses project is stated as Ovacık Mahallesi 584. Sokak Keçiören / Ankara.

Lema Houses Nearby

Among the hospitals close to the Lema Houses Project, Yayla ASM, Adnan Yüksel Family Health Center, Atlılar Family Health Center, Keçiören Training and Research Hospital, Şehit Kubilay Family Health Center, Esertepe Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, Atatürk Chest Diseases and Thoracic Surgery Training and Research Hospital, There are Yükseltepe District Polyclinic, Keçiören Occupational Diseases Hospital, Keçiören Community Health Center, Şentepe Health Center No. 2, Kardeşler Family Health Center, Private Deva Medical Center.

The schools close to the Eliz Kule project are Abdullah Mürşide Özünenek Anatolian High School, Esertepe Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, İnci Yaka Academy Kindergarten, Mehmet Akif Ersoy Primary School, Ankara Keçiören Final Schools Campus, Süleymaniye Educational Institutions, Türk Yurdu College, Private Meltem College, Hacı Mustafa Tarman. Primary School, Genç Osman Anatolian High School, Şehit Kubilay Secondary School, Kardeşler Cumhuriyet Primary School, Şinasi Primary School – Secondary School, Mevlana Primary School, Şehit Mahmut Özdemir Primary School, Mevlana Secondary School. Among the shopping centers close to the Eliz Tower Project are Forum Ankara Outlet, KARMOB AWM, Ecrin AVM, Antares, Anatolia Park Site AVM and Adese.

Lema Houses Social Facilities

In the Lema Houses project, many privileges, from sports to children’s playgrounds, to functional solutions in the meeting/activity hall, are brought together for the homeowners at a single point. In the Lema Houses project, where security is kept at a high level, there are security measures such as controlled entrances, 24-hour live and camera security, and video intercom system.

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