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Konya Prestij Park

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With Konya Prestij Park, you will not only have a life but also a unique investment opportunity.

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Konya Prestij Park knows how valuable your time is, and keeps you connected to the center of the city at all times with its privileged location.

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About the project

Konya Prestige Park PROJECT FEATURES

Why shouldn’t your house, where you will spend a significant part of your life, have privileged social facilities? Why not green areas where you can have a good time with your family, pools designed separately for men and women and sports complexes where you can relieve the tiredness of the day? Why not have more prestige in your life?

With Konya Prestij Park, you will not only have a life but also a unique investment opportunity. Konya Prestige Park project; With more than 23 years of experience, affordable prices and easy access, Bakyapı opens the doors of a privileged life and offers a profitable investment opportunity.

Konya Prestige Park; It brings with you all the activities that are indispensable for a modern life and that you feel the absence of in city life.

  • Heated indoor pools (separate for men and women)
  • Cycling and football fields
  • saunas
  • steam rooms
  • Fitness, pilates halls
  • Child park
  • Table games (table football, table tennis)
  • tennis court

A unique environment where you can take a deep breath in the open air, enjoy the neighborhood to the fullest while your children play in the park, and add new colors to your life, is in Konya Prestige Park.

  • Professional landscaping,
  • Running and walking tracks,
  • arbours,
  • Ornamental Pools

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