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İnci Mudanya Evleri

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İnci Mudanya Houses project invites flat owners to a peaceful and happy life.

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İnci Mudanya Houses project is being implemented by UMİ İnşaat within the borders of Mudanya district of Bursa.

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About the project

İnci Mudanya Houses PROJECT FEATURES

İnci Mudanya Houses project is being implemented by UMİ İnşaat within the borders of Mudanya district of Bursa. İnci Mudanya Evleri project, which is a continuation of Deniz Kabuğu Evleri rising in Mudanya, invites flat owners to a peaceful and happy life.

İnci Mudanya Houses Floor Plan

İnci Mudanya Houses project is rising to consist of 2 blocks. The blocks of the project consist of 6 floors. There are 8 commercial units in the project, which includes 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 duplex, 4+1 duplex and 5+1 duplex apartment options.

Where is İnci Mudanya Houses?

The İnci Mudanya Houses project, which will be implemented in Aydınpınar Village in the Mudanya district of Bursa, impresses with its central location. Promising a high return on investment with its central location, the project also adds value with its proximity to many educational and health institutions.

İnci Mudanya Houses Nearby

Among the hospitals close to the İnci Mudanya Evleri project, Zekai Gümüşdiş Family Health Center, Private Labor Polyclinic, Geçit Family Health Center, Adnan Menderes Family Health Center, Private Ceylan Hospital Construction Site, Mudanya State Hospital Dental Polyclinic, Mudanya State Hospital, Ceylan International Hospital, Yenibağlar Family Health Center, Güzelyalı Family Health Center, Mudanya Biophysis Medical Center, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Family Health Center, Medica Ear Nose and Throat. There are shopping centers such as Agora, Turpa AVM, Furpa, Andalusian Park, Kalemdar AVM, Özdilek Bursa Geçit AVM, Bamboo Park, Mudanya Kirmasti Kervan AVM, Park Plaza, Şaypa Güzelyalı around the project.

İnci Mudanya Houses project Yedi Color Çınar Schools Bademli Campus, Turhan Tayan Anatolian High School, Bademli Necla Orhan Primary School, Mavi Dünya College, Private Tan Schools, Atatürk Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Bahçeşehir College, Emine Örnek College, Original Educational Institutions, TED Bursa College, American Culture Colleges, Mudanya Mürsel Anatolian Health Vocational High School, Private Büke College, Alara Primary School, Bilfen Bursa Campus, Öztimurlar Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Mudanya Dörtçelik Vocational and Technical Education Center, Meliha Cemal Bağcı Secondary School, Atatürk Secondary School, M. It is also very close to schools such as Nezir Gencer Secondary School, Martyr Gendarmerie Specialist Sergeant İlyas General Primary School, Martyr Murat Atsen Primary School, Eşref Ergin Secondary School, Cafer Yener Primary School.

İnci Mudanya Houses Social Facilities

Inci Mudanya Houses include social facilities such as specially landscaped garden, indoor and outdoor parking, built-in products in the kitchen, and shopping units.

İnci Mudanya Houses Delivery Date

İnci Mudanya Houses project is planned to be delivered in 2019-December.

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