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Altogether 30 districts make up the larger Izmir province. Some are more populated than others and earn fame for a specific reason.

Districts in Izmir

Altogether 30 districts make up the larger Izmir province. Some are more populated than others and earn fame for a specific reason. The most prominent include…


Sitting in the outskin region, Seljuk is home to the famous ancient city of Ephesus, one of Turkey’s top visited attractions. Another reason tourists go there Is to visit the Virgin Marys house and see Saint John of Basilica. Ephesus was one of the Seven Churches of Revelation mentioned In the New Testament of the


The town within this district belongs to the Cittaslow movement, a global organisation promoting slow and natural living. Sefenhisar also earns fame within Turkey for its citrus production, namely tangerines and satsumas. Although few foreign tourists go there, it is a popular tourist resort for Turks, many of whom book into bed and breakfast establishments throughout the region.


Once again, few foreigners visit Tire, but Turks often see the old historical quarter and shop In the Tuesday and Friday market. Stalls selling traditional handicraft items draw in locals from all around Izmir, and they are a popular daytime excursion. Additionally, Tire makes a roaring trade in agriculture.


This districts in İzmir, often referred to as the beating heart of Izmir, Is also the old historical part. Everybody should start their trip here by exploring the prominent landmarks of the Kemeralti bazaar and the famous Izmir clock tower In the middle of Konak square. Other attractions include the agora ruins of old Smyrna and the Asanor lift, of which the restaurant at the top gives off incredible views of the city and surrounding coastline.


Sitting side by side with Alacatl, both these towns are vital tourism destinations for Turks. many wealthy Turks have also bought holiday homes or retirement homes in the area. in addition, this district earns fame for its windsurfing potential and the old, traditional Izmir houses, many of which have been restored to their former glory.


Residents here are mainly of the younger generations since there Is a large university. Additionally, Bornova university hospital is well known throughout Turkey as one of the best, not only in the country but in the world. While visiting, look at the old Levantine mansions of Izmir, known for their architectural value.


This district does a roaring trade in tourism, thanks to the local ruins of Pergamon. This ancient city was where parchment paper was invented and home to the world, first mental hospitaL The book of revelation famously called Pergamon, one of the revelation churches, the seat of Satan. The throne refers to the altar, now in the Berlin Museum.


This districts in izmir has three major claims to fame. Firstly, Balcova is home to three prominent shopping malls. Second, medical tourism Is booming thanks to the famous Balcova spa waters. Lastly, Balcova cable car brings in tourists from all around who want to see the fantastic views across the district.

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